Basic rules for people in the chat room
There is no spamming, trolling, or flooding allowed, through the chat room. The use of links is also prohibited unless you ask an OP or higher and that the link is appropriate. Do not try to act like a moderator  if you aren't one, people who have Voice (+) status or lower should not take the job of moderating or else they will be kicked. No swearing or use of profane language is allowed. Stick to the topic and there is to be no conversations on illegal matter. Remember to ask permission if you would like to Private Message someone. Follow the instructions of all the OP's and if there is any argument between you and an OP then you will be kicked. Nick's used in the chat room should also to be appropriate if not you will be kicked. Also repeating yourself and using CAPS when talking is considered rude to others and can get you kicked. If you continue to either swear, flood, talk about illegal matter, or mini moderate you can be banned for a very long time.

Rules for becoming a voice member 
Must be participating in the chat room for 20 days or more, no kick's or bans, throughout those 20 days and you should be involved in the chat room, and be in a respectful and mature manner. If you successfully get through all this then you can apply for voice by sending an e-mail telling us why you are deserving of become a voice (+) member. Send the e-mail to: After your application is accepted you will be asked a skill testing question to make sure that you become a voiced member.

Rules for becoming Half OP
Must participate in the chat for 40 days, with no kick's or bans and behave in a respectful manner. Also no mini- moderating other members. No swearing, or profane language and no talk on illegal matter. As well you need to be a voice member to be granted HOP. If you think you are eligible send an e-mail to explaining why you deserve to be an HOP. After the application is accepted you will be asked a skill testing question in order to finalize and get the rights of a HOP.

Rules for becoming OP
Must be apart of the chat for 60 days with no kick's or bans and participate with everyone and show new members the rules of the chat room while helping others with their tech problems. Making sure the chat room is in good standings.