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Apple Event 2010 -- iPad confirmed and priced starting at $499

So far we can confirm to you that there is a tablet and the name confirmed is called iPad. Steve Jobs also talked about how more than 250 million iPods have been sold. There is an app store built for the iPad as well and the interface looks extremely similar that of the iPod Touch. As rumored and it's true EA also introduces us to two games the MLB Baseball video game and Need For Speed Shift video game and more exciting stuff! The iPad will host a 9.7" screen and measures at only half an inch thick and around 1.3 pounds. It has various ebook types of apps as well. The new eBook reader app will be called iBooks. iWork is being shown on the iPad and it has a remarkable change in interface. The excellent part is with the new iwork apps such as pages, keynotes, and numbers for only $9.99 on the app store for iPad. The iPad syncs to any computer just as how you would sync an iPod and it will come with 802.11n and 3G capabilities with AT&T, price will be $14.99 for 250mb data and $29.99 for unlimited data. iPad 3G models also come unlocked. The iPad will run on a new A4 chip designed by Apple at 1Ghz. The price of the iPad will be starting at $499.99 Which is good considering everyone was expecting a higher price point!

16gb with wifi is $499 and with 3G comes around $629, 32gb is $599 but with 3G comes around $729, and finally 64gb is $699 and including 3G comes to $829. With these types of prices people would want to reconsider the iPod touch in some cases.

With a great price point and intuitive features the iPad looks to being a stellar performer in the future. The WiFi models will be available in 60 days and 90 days for the 3G models.

Some things to note about the iPad is that many people including us were thinking that Apple was going to include a camera built in, unfortunately there is none and the fact that there is a lack of USB ports was also disappointing, there isn't any SD card slot as well. But we believe the pros outweigh the cons here considering the price point.

Here is a picture of the iPad:

Picture by: myuibe

The event was mainly only about the iPad, other people including us were expecting a bit too much like the fact a new iPhone OS 4.0 software release and about other rumors. Like on the invitation which said "Come see our latest creation" they actually meant only the iPad but no worries there are more Apple events to come in the future with more stuff coming up. 

Apple Tablet should be released tommorrow at Apple Event

The big news I am reporting to you guys is that there will be an Apple Event at 1 P.M. Eastern Time tommorrow and that there will be big announcements! Stay Tuned as we keep you updated with all the happenings. What we and most other people are waiting anxiously are for the tablet since everyone want's to see it stay tuned! Were not sure if the release of the iPhone world edition will be tommorrow as rumored by others. But it will be interesting to find out! We also wonder if they're will be a new cinema display cause it has been a long time since Apple has refreshed the line and also could the rumored new Mac Mini be revealed? We are hoping that the tablet comes with some cool features such as the features found on the iPhone and the iPod Touch and we hope it still keeps the Mac OSX  interface. What most people are wondering is if it will also have a app store available. Pricing is set to be around $700 and we have really high expectations that it should be released tommorrow. We know that everyone is excited and we are too! So stay tuned for more updates.

Make sure to check out the Appleblog for their live coverage of the Apple Event!

Click the link below:

Camtasia Studio is here for Mac!

If you guys don't know for people who are fan of screen recording software, making screencasts then one of the best software is called Camtasia previously was only available to the PC but is now also available to the Mac this in my opinion is the most user friendly and powerful screen recording software ever with even more features in the program. Price for this software is $299 which is pricey but I highly reccommend people try the trial because you will get the true feeling of what a great program Camtasia is.

For more info check out their site:

Apple Earnings for Q1 2010

The results for Apple’s earnings for the first quarter of 2010  has been released. Results show us that they have sold more iPhone’s compared to 2009’s final quarter. The company has seen 8% drop in Ipod sales and Mac sales are up 30% Around 20 million ipods were sold. The company has a revenue of 15.68 billion and a profit of around $3.3 billion.

Downloading YouTube Videos for Mac/PC

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EA making video games for the iPad

Well now this is a very interesting fact to see that Apple is taking their tablet which was speculated to be called iSlate now going to be called iPad to the next level at the most people thought it was going to be a tablet which like the Modbook was going to be a computer mainly but they have now also introduced gaming with the help of Electronic Arts, it which will catch eyes of many gamers. We believe it’s great to see Apple trying new things and this tablet with gaming might be the new thing. This tablet or iPad is set to be released sometime this or next week. Stay with us for more upcoming information!

Apple tablet, iPhone OS 4.0 and iLife 10 "confirmed"

Speculation has come to a confirmation that Apple will indeed be releasing a new tablet along with the new iPhone software and iLife 10. As of yet there are no signs of new hardware for the iPhone but there are going to be some program which will be able to function on the "multi touch" screen of the tablet. iLife 10 may also be seeing some changes in the software. Stay tuned for more updates.

For more information check out:

iSlate for Mac soon?

The wait could be over as rumors show the "so called" iSlate also known as Apple's tablet entry to the market could be coming sometime next week. But don't get your hopes up too high as it isn't confirmed yet. The price range is believed to be over $700 which by many people should be much cheaper when comparing to the Modbook. The screen size is said to be around 10 inches which means it's as small as a netbook but the question remains how powerful can it be? Will it go past the power of netbooks? No specs as of yet on the iSlate but we will bring you more soon.

Leaked Mac Mini

While surfing the web the other day we had come along what looked like being the future Mac mini, We aren’t entirely sure whether this will be what the Mac mini looks like but it looks to us like a much thinner version of the Mac mini and looks to keep the same look and colour. Looks nearly identical to the thickness of the Apple TV but the Mac mini keeps the disc drive in the front. More news will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

Here is the link with the photo of the (possible) leaked Mac mini:

Apple app store sales

Apple’s app store downloads has been the big market in the industry. Overall device downloads Apple prevails with 99.4% of downloads which is almost the whole market right there. Though the bad part is that they haven’t made much money through the fact that these downloads are usually mostly free apps. Only around 12% to 20% sales have been made through all downloads which puts Apple in terms of app sales behind and gives them a loss. The good fact is that it shows that Apple is dominating the mobile market with it’s app store downloads. This fact also shows how many people have an iPod around the world with it’s increasing popularity.Only about a quarter of the downloads were actually paid app downloads. More results and stats on Apple will be coming soon.

Hotspot Shield for non- US Hulu Users

As all of you may know by now, videos on Hulu can’t be viewed if you do not live in the U.S. and that for some people could be a huge dissapointment. There is a way through it though luckily but it will cost you a bit of downloading and patience. There is a program out there called Hotspot Shield and it’s a program which has the ability to go through firewalls. This program once installed and launched will give your computer an I.P. address of someone else in the U.S. which will enable you to watch videos on Hulu but it might slow down your computer as well. Just remember that once you are finished using the program close it and your I.P. address should be back and your computer should run normal again. This is a great piece of software for people wanting to watch videos on Hulu but don’t have the ability because they don’t live in the U.S.

To download the program and for further information visit their site:

Plex for Mac OS X

People who own a Mac Mini or an Apple TV might use Plex which is a program that enables the devices to put in home theatre mode this program offers many plugins to play many videos. It organizes all your library and connects to over 100 of the most popular internet sites. Pictures can be seen within slideshow format and the amount of plugins increase because the Plex program is also linked to the App store and updates come often. In our opinion when comparing Plex to the software which the Apple TV comes with Plex just blows it away. We also like the fact that we can customize and change the look of the interface. The interface is also very user friendly best of all this amazing program is free! If you use your Mac Mini or Apple TV for your tv and home theater we highly recommend you download this program to enhance your experience.

For more info and to download the program check out the link below:

Mac Mini and Apple TV (Media Center)

It's been quite some time since we have reported anything on the Mac Mini and the Apple TV but what consumers like the fact about these two small devices is the ability to hook up to their big screen tv and enjoy some movie watching, tv etc... Now we beleive that if you have a big screen tv and would like to watch some tv or movies that we would highly recommend either the Mac Mini or the Apple TV but the question comes down to which one? The Mac Mini is clearly the expensive choice between the two and retails at a starting price of $599 but you get more functionality and it's also a computer. The Apple TV retails at around $259 and is the best bang for the buck if all your looking for is tv and movie watching without fiddling around on the internet. The Apple TV is meant to be used to watch movies and videos from your itunes library and also listen to music but with the feature of Youtube being added you can also watch videos from Youtube there too. Some might say "well thats not enough for me " and sometimes they just can't find the content they would like on Youtube but there is a site known as Hulu which is a site that only works in the U.S.  and people could watch their favourite tv shows and movies anytime and Hulu offers a much more variety of tv shows and is great for watching on your tv. You could get Hulu easy on the Mac Mini by going on the site since the Mac Mini is also a computer or if you would like to watch it on the Apple TV there are methods to hack the Apple TV and watch (which we will tell you about soon.) The problem with Hulu is that it only works in the U.S. but in order to let people from other countries to watch there is also a trick (which we also tell you about soon.)

So overall the comparison you could see that you pay almost double for what you would pay for an Apple TV and you would get a Mac Mini which is also a full fledged computer. The choice is yours which you would like but depending on most people a Mac Mini will eventually replace there Apple TV sooner or later.

Stay Tuned as we input further more information at 1-Mac!

Apple's Magic Mouse

During the new era of multi touch trackpad's Apple has brought their new intuitive feature to the desktop line of their Mac's as well with the new magic mouse. Only downside you don't get the nice look of the glass trackpad like on the macbook line. The magic mouse looks nearly identical to the mighty mouse except without the little mini ball in the middle for scrolling. The new design is definitely sleeker looking and with a bit of a curve at the bottom making it easier to grasp in hands and a better feel to hold. It features a new much sensitive laser tracking engine to work on various surfaces. Wireless connectivity to your mac keyboard is also possible with built in Bluetooth inside the magic mouse. Best of all it's wireless but the question remains are people going to use those new features built in? or will they stick with their mighty mouses? $69 is the price for the Magic Mouse which is on the expensive side maybe $10 or $20 cheaper would be nice? Only time will tell how well the Magic Mouse will do in the market but the multi touch trackpad on the macbooks and macbook pro's are a joy to use.

New Mac Pro's Coming Soon

It's been sometime since Apple has refreshed their Mac Pro line and the rumors are saying that the release might be sometime this year before mid 2010 and we could be seeing a new 6 core Mac Pro with Intel's new chip "Gulftown " The new Mac Pro has a likely chance of running Snow Leopard and after this release we could be seeing significant price drops on older models of the Mac Pro's.

Here's a picture of the current Mac Pro's offered by Apple:

Photo by: Tech Snaps Live Blog and Glenn Batuyong

Mac Sales as of January 2010

After a very successful fourth quarter 2009 Apple has lost a bit of it's sales and went down against the amazing PC sales. Being at #4 in the fourth quarter of 2009 Apple dropped to #5 behind HP, Acer, Dell and Toshiba. Consumers believe that the boost in PC sales is because of the netbooks being sold in the market. Apple should be thinking of making a netbook now because what consumers want is a obviously an affordable PC but were not sure if Apple would be thinking the same. Apple's Mac Mini is a success because of it's affordable cost and if Apple look at the Mac Mini they might be thinking of making a netbook after all to boost sales.

Mac Mini Server Refurbished Deal

If you check on the site Apple Refurbished Mac site they have put up a mac mini server with snow leopard for a pretty good deal for people looking for an affordable mac desktop server which looks new. Who knows how long the deal will last? Usually mac mini's are pretty rare on Apple's site but you better check out the link below to get a great deal on a mac mini.

The specs are 4gb of Ram and 1TB hard drive and with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

Apple Refurbished Site U.S:

Apple Refurbished Site Canada:

Prices are $849.99 U.S and $929.00 CAN respectively which in my opinion is a great deal where you can save over $100. These deals don't last too long so check it out now.

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Rumors

Rumor has it that Mac OS X 10.7 is already in the works immediately after Apple had released 10.6 or snow leopard. It is said to comprised and based on a whole new basis and will be creating a new innovative way of using an operating system.We can't say much yet about how or when this operating system will come out but chances are either end of this year or start of 2011. Whatever the new operating system might be we will be dying to get our hands to it and try it out. More updates for the rumored apple OS X will come to 1-Mac so stay tuned.

Google Chrome Now Available for Mac

Finally the new web browser by Google will be also coming to the Mac. Google Chrome the new faster web browser is now used by a fourth of the world population. Though not as popular as it's search engine the new Google Chrome browser is fast and provides a new web browsing way with various features. It also has various security features, and customizable themes to make the browser look the way you want it.

Songbird Software for Mac

This is a new software which is an open source software and it's like a browser and music player at the same time. Maybe the new type of itunes perhaps? This software lets you put in all your music at a decent speed for downloads and lets you purchase as well from various online stores. This software is set to also appear on mobile devices. The extensive appeal of itunes isn't really in the songbird program but its still a decent option. Although it is still in it's early stages there will be bugs but there are always software updates in the future. There will be more plugins available in the future with more playable files coming soon.

To download this program visit here:

Here's a screenshot of the program:

Screenshot by: Andrew*

Blu-Ray Coming for Mac

Rumors say that blu-ray drives should be coming to the Mac soon. It has been a while since blu-ray was introduced to laptops and computers, Mac computers had been sticking with the normal superdrive for some time now but rumor has it that the next generation of mac's should ship with blu-ray disc drives. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Axiotron's Modbook and Modbook Pro

There is no official release of the mac tablet yet but for people who haven't known there is a company called Axiotron. This company takes Macbook parts and turns them into a mac tablet. Customers can bring in their own Macbook's and get them modded for cheaper or buy a Modbook  as a whole. Prices for the Modbook are $699.00 if you already have a Macbook which you would like to turn into a Modbook. But for people who don't have a Macbook and would like to buy the Modbook separately will have to pay $1649.00

Axiotron have also released their new Modbook Pro which features a 2.8ghz processor and uses the 15" Macbook Pro to make and prices will be at a whopping $4999.00. The design of the Modbook Pro is all made by Axiotron with a glossy black finish and a really slim design.

For more information check out Axiotron's site:

 Here's a picture of the Modbook:

Picture by: barakmich

 Here is a picture of the Modbook Pro:

 Picture by: Rojer

Apple Macbook Tablet rumors

The rumors on Apple's tablet PC continue and this time the story is that Steve Jobs could make an announcement soon on the new tablet. We could be expecting a 11 or 12 inch screen, nearly the same size to the macbook. Interface wise pictures show the interface could be something like the iphone but bigger. We definitely know there is a tablet in the wild for Apple. Price range will also be something consumers would be curious about. Generally we believe it might be in the same price range as the macbook`s so maybe somewhere around $1100 or $1200 but who knows? The announcement and launch are likely to be sometime this year as we hope. Another company called Axiotron makes tablets out of macbook screen's with prices around $800 and those are also an option for mac users.

Here is an example of what the tablet might look like:

Mac Software (Open Office Aqua)

The new software for Mac released is the new Open Office Aqua edition. For people looking for software related to iwork or Microsoft office. Open Office is a free edition of the software with most features of Microsoft Office. The new Aqua platform offers a better looking interface than previous generations and is also faster too. The really good part is that from tests of compatibility we have noted Aqua is compatible with Microsoft Office programs as well. This is a great piece of software which is absolutely free. For people needing a office utility program for free we suggest you should strongly consider this program.

The link to downloading Open Office Aqua is below:

Here is a picture below of what the Aqua software looks like: 


Picture by: mads.sabroe 
(Flickr Images/ Creative Commons) 

The new software Aqua replaces the X11 and in terms of graphics and user interface it looks very clean and the graphics have had a good improvement. Starting speeds of the Aqua is very fast. The actual software looks sort of like Microsoft Office 2003, but still it's worth downloading this software especially since it's free.

Apple sales for fourth quarter of 2009

After much talked about Apple having a loss throughout the year and according to their sales. Apple managed to end the year on a high note. The company had achieved a revenue of $9.9 billion and the net quarterly profit of $1.67 billion. According to these results Apple has done significantly well compared to last year's quarter. Sales had gone as far as selling the most amount of macs and iphones than ever before in a quarter. Apple had sold a total amount of around 3.05 million Macs. Reports showed that in total Apple had sold 17% of more Mac products compared to last year's quarter.

Apple Releases Quarterly Earnings

New imac's and rumors on Apple's mac lineup

Here's a look at the new 27" imac beside the 21" imac. By comparison the size of the new ones look much bigger and larger. The newer 27" imac also come with an ATI Raedon discrete graphics chip and with a 1TB hard drive and 4gb of Ram. Starting price for the new 27" imac's is $1699.00 and the 21" is $1199.00.

People around are focusing on the fact that Apple is planning to release a tablet for their Mac line soon... but question is when. People also suspect that sometime in the near future Apple will also release the Macbook line with the all new "Nehalem" processor the same one they use the Mac pro's for. Only time will tell if this is true or not.

Refurbished Macs

I wanted to tell all you folks who are thinking of purchasing a mac. There's no harm in going to the refurbished store on the Apple site to buy one. The refurbished products work just as new and people tend to say the exterior looks just like new. The best place to get a cheap mac without the fancy box for a great price would be the Apple refurbished mac store.

You can get to the apple refurbished store section by the links below:

American Members :

Canadian Members :

Mac Updates

The latest happening in Mac is that around October, Apple had released a fresh batch of updated products. The newer white macbook had a different unibody style look to it and it was built with a 2.26 ghz processor and had 2gb of Ram and 250gb hard drive. The price remains the same at $999.00 U.S. and $1099.00 for CAN and it includes the new Nvidia 9400m graphics.

The macbook aluminum had been taken out of the lineup replaced with a 13" macbook pro and Apple had decided to bring back the firewire port as it was missing in the earlier model. They had also added an SD card slot to people's relief. Prices for the aluminum macbook pro start around $1199.00 U.S. and $1299.00 CAN

Apple had also introduced the new 21.5" imac with a 3.06 ghz processor and 4gb of RAM and 500gb hard drive for $1199.00 U.S. and $1299.00 CAN with Nvidia 9400m graphics.
The 27" imac models starts around $1699.00 U.S. and also feature 4gb of RAM and 1TB hard drive with a Intel Core 2 Duo processor like other models. But there is a model with a quad core processor available for $1999.00 U.S. and 2099.00 CAN it features an ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics card.

The Mac pro featured by Apple has two models available the cheaper one with a quad core processor xeon also known as "Nehalem" and 3gb of Ram with 640gb hard drive space it features a Nvidia Geforce 120 graphics processor. The starting price of Mac pro is $2499.00 U.S. and $2899.00 CAN

The Macbook Air offered by Apple has recieved a bit of a price drop after they refreshed their line. The starting price now for a 1.86 ghz is $1499.00 U.S. and $1599.00 CAN featuring 2gb of Ram and 120gb Hard drive and feature the Nvidia 9400m graphics.

Mac mini had also recieved a refresh. Many people weren't sure whether Apple would continue with the mac mini and as a matter of fact they are continuing it. With this refresh we see that the design stays the same and an extra USB port has been added now with a total of 5 USB ports and it features a 2.26 ghz with 2gb of RAM and 160gb hard drive at a starting price of $599.00 for U.S. and $649.00 CAN.
There is also a server version of the mac mini for $999.00 U.S. and $1099.00 CAN with 2.53 ghz 4gb of Ram and 1TB hard drive. Apple took out the optical drive in place of two 500gb hard drives and it comes with OS X snow leopard server.

Welcome to 1-mac!

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