There is no official release of the mac tablet yet but for people who haven't known there is a company called Axiotron. This company takes Macbook parts and turns them into a mac tablet. Customers can bring in their own Macbook's and get them modded for cheaper or buy a Modbook  as a whole. Prices for the Modbook are $699.00 if you already have a Macbook which you would like to turn into a Modbook. But for people who don't have a Macbook and would like to buy the Modbook separately will have to pay $1649.00

Axiotron have also released their new Modbook Pro which features a 2.8ghz processor and uses the 15" Macbook Pro to make and prices will be at a whopping $4999.00. The design of the Modbook Pro is all made by Axiotron with a glossy black finish and a really slim design.

For more information check out Axiotron's site:

 Here's a picture of the Modbook:

Picture by: barakmich

 Here is a picture of the Modbook Pro:

 Picture by: Rojer