Apple sells Two Millionth iPad

Just the first week when the iPad was released people were amazed when they found out 500,000 iPad's had been sold in the U.S. well now it has been 2 month's since the release and Apple has hit 2 million iPad sales! You can tell that sales have dropped dramatically since the first week because if the sales continued to be like how they were in the first week, Apple would have hit 2 million iPad sales in 4 weeks! Then again this is a huge breakthrough for Apple and things are just getting better for the company. People have downloaded over 12 million apps on the iPad through the app store and nearly 2 million books through the iBooks store. This is a great advantage for developers to get their apps on the store because the iPad is proving to be extremely popular. More news on Apple coming soon.

A huge milestone for Steve Jobs and Apple:

Apple Announces Launch Of New Tablet Computer

A look at the iPad

So finally I made it to the Apple Store and there were huge lineups with people buying iPad's but I just about managed to make it inside before the store closed and got a good look at the iPad! I must say the iPad is much better looking and fun to use in real life than when comparing it to people who use it on the internet and in photos. I took a quick video showing the Pages app and the iBooks app along with the exterior of the iPad. I would have made the video longer but unfortunately we weren't allowed camera's in the store. I really enjoyed using it and just maybe I might buy one in the future! For now here is the video of the iPad taken in the Apple Store.  *Sorry about the lighting in the video, it was due to the really glossy screen on the iPad.

iPad Releasing in Nine International Countries Tomorrow!

It's been a while since the iPad was releases in the US and there were many reports showing that more than 1/4 of all the sold iPad's were taken off to other countries meaning internationals really wanted an iPad. Though problem was they can't use the App store until the device is released in their country... The iPad is expected to be hitting stores internationally and although it was said they would be released late last month Apple decided that tomorrow would be perfect, to create more hype. I will try my best to get my hands on an iPad tomorrow as I am currently living in Canada. The Apple store is only about 5 min away and I consider going to the Apple store first more than any other resellers especially when there is a new device! There might be huge crowds even though I am pretty sure everyone knows what to expect, and users internationally living in the nine countries will also be able to access the App store. The 16gb model is going to be $549 CAD which is reasonable when comparing to $499 and now consumers should also be able to use cash rather than just credit cards and debit. We doubt there will be as massive crowds as there were in the U.S. and we don't expect huge sales since many people got their iPad from the U.S.

For now the excitement is all that is inside everyone, that finally we can be able to see the iPad in more people's hands. The iPad is set to be released in nine countries tomorrow and those are as follows: Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and UK. These nine lucky countries will experience the iPad release tomorrow while we aren't sure the release date for the other countries just yet. 

Apple iPad Arrives In Stores
Apple iPad Arrives In Stores

Apple iAd to compete with Google AdMob

After hearing about Apple and the release of iAd in OS 4.0, Google had decided that they would buy AdMob to display ads on their Android platform phones, this gives advertisers a great chance at getting their business known through ads. Google has said to pay $750 million to buy AdMob on May 21st  and this could significant news for Apple, since Google Adsense has been around for a while, Google is well known in the Ad world. It is said Apple could make more than $800 million annually through iAd and given that their line of iPod and iPhone's are so popular this new iAd feature shouldn't be in too much danger compared to AdMob but then again the Android platform is catching up and is proving to be a real nice OS, for many smart phones. Developers can also expect to make more money through ad's from AdMob and iAd. It is said that AdMob also had minimalist ads on the iPhone before. But with Google as a strong company it shouldn't take too long for everyone to get used to AdMob.

I think it was a good move from Google to buy AdMob at this stage as they understand they need to keep up with their competitors and this could make the Android platform even more popular for developers in the future.

Apple Unveils New Software For iPhone And iPad

A company logo is placed on the roof of the Google building in Zurich

Apple now accepts cash for iPad purchase

For a while now Apple didn't accept cash for any of their products that was until a lady in the US had worked hard to save all her money for an iPad and when she found out no cash was accepted it had hurt her but Steve Jobs gave in that day and made a new rule now allowing people to purchase products directly with cash. It might be good for most people as they save taxes and it may also attract more consumers but we have to be thankful for the lady to create a new rule. So now there are no worries what you have because now cash is also accepted we aren't sure if this rule is in use outside of the U.S. but since the CEO claims that it should be.

More news on Apple to come soon.

Leaked iPod Touch 4G?

Rumors have been going around for a while now speculating on the iPod Touch getting a camera and some say Apple were going to put a camera on the 3rd generation models but at the end decided against it, well it's no surprise, now that news has been leaked that a 4th generation iPod Touch will get a 2 megapixel camera. That seems to be the only news and I doubt we will see a 128gb model of the iPod Touch any soon, so for the most part we will have the same amount of space for storage. The design also looks the same, in my opinion Apple can't make it look any better than how it already is. The interface also seems to look quite different.

This rumour was found by a Vietnamese company and surprisingly they were the ones who had leaked the news about the new Macbook's and that became true, so there is a good chance this 4th generation iPod Touch rumour might also be true.

Here is a video found on the leaked iPod Touch 4g (Unfortunately the video is not in english but you can get a good look at the leaked iPod Touch):

Google Wave Open for Everyone!

Remember all the buzz that was going on about a legendary software which Google will release called Wave and it is a collaborative communication piece of software which offers users to have an open conference, with visuals etc. Google had spoken a lot about Wave but had kept it a secret for users offering only invites. Each person who got Wave had the opportunity of giving out seven invites to their friends. But with the Google Conference happening today Google announced that Wave will now be available for everyone! So now when you take a look at the Google Wave site it gives you the option to sign up!

I am sure most people were waiting for this day as it kept many people eager to get Wave and many good reviews were shown about Wave but now that it is open to the whole public we will soon be able to find out whether Google Wave ends up with positive reviews or not.

Here is a snapshot of Google Wave:

To Enlarge image click on it

In order to take part of Google Wave you will need a Google Account, here is the link which will take you to the Google Wave page if you would like to sign up: Google Wave

Java Update for Mac

The Java update for Mac is out with improved compatibility, security and reliability. It is recommended to upgrade and just to make sure back up your hard drive using Time Machine. It has been 5 months since the last update and it is recommended to close all applications when installing this.

To install the update click this link: Java Update for Mac

Click to Enlarge Image

Then this will guide you through the installation or you can also find the update when you check for software updates at the top left hand corner of your Mac, when you click the Apple logo and then: Software Update...

Macbook's get updated

Everyone still doesn't understand why Apple is selling the white Macbook, they believe that the end for the Macbook line is coming but Apple still continues to offer it. What I believe is that the only reason why Apple is selling the white Macbook is because it's cheap and it's their only notebook under $1000. Now with the upgrades done today, you could be expecting to get more bang for your buck. The update includes a 2.4ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, opposed to the older 2.26ghz, an nVidia 320M graphics chipset which is set to perform much better than the 9400m and the battery life has been updated from 7 hours to 10 hours. The amount of RAM still remains 2gb and the hard drive is still at 250gb. These specs are much better than the last revision and we could be seeing more sales. But one thing I was annoyed was that why couldn't Apple put in a Intel Core i3 processor? There isn't a huge difference between the i3 and Core 2 Duo, but looking at markets today, the Core 2 Duo chip is now significantly old and outdated.

The white design and all the exterior of the Macbook remains the same with the curved design and glass multi-touch trackpad. Apple should expect more sales with this Macbook especially for student's starting college next year and this was the perfect time to upgrade the Macbook's. That's all the news for now, stay tuned for more updates.

YouTube turns 5 years old!

Everyone knows that in a life span of 5 years so far, YouTube has proven to become an extremely popular video sharing website, not only that, it also has shown live concerts and many special events, such as elections etc. The website was launched in Feburary 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. These 3 individuals had worked hard to come up with an idea on sharing videos and had a tough job of getting the site really popular. In around November 2006 YouTube was sold to Google for $1.65 billion dollars. Ever since that time Google has been handling YouTube and making changes throughout the site. I guess we have to hand it to Google for being such a huge company, that they could manage hosting such concerts, live events etc. It just goes to show how much YouTube has changed in 5 years and yes we could all argue that the new design isn't the best. But hey, Google will be making constant changes and we could be expecting new things soon. After searching on YouTube, I managed to come across what was the first ever video posted on YouTube and all I could say was the quality of videos today on YouTube has changed so much, with HD and the ability to have widescreen.

Here is what was the first video ever to be posted on YouTube (With Jawed Karim):

So a happy birthday to YouTube from 1-Mac and also give us your thoughts on how YouTube has changed over the years and what you think of the new look of YouTube compared to older re-visions. More updates to come soon.

Adobe responds to Apple with "Love"

Recently Apple had slammed Adobe for the fact their product the flash player is highly unstable on Mac OSX and also since tools to create apps on the iPad and iPhone from flash were also taken off. Since then Adobe has taken a different approach against Apple and today made an Ad with a poem which show's love for Apple. Seems kind of awkward since I have no clue what Steve Jobs might be thinking about this but one thing is for sure he doesn't change his mind that easily. He was against Adobe and their products for a long while now and I believe that Steve Jobs believes the right thing.

I have also had flash crash on my Mac sometimes and that could be quite a pain, right now it doesn't seem close that HTML5 will take over flash but Adobe needs to change the way they program their products because flash is very big memory hog, notably HP were going to put flash on their Slate device and that's when it struck people that due to flash it could greatly affect the performance of the HP Slate.

For now, no one knows what decision Apple will take on Adobe but only time will tell. Here is the link for the picture of the poetic ad Adobe had created for Apple: Adobe's "Love" Ad for Apple

Another iPhone 4G found in Vietnam

Remember last time we talked about how an Apple worker had left the iPhone 4G prototype in a bar and Gizmodo had gotten a hold of it and the news was leaked? Now more news comes up this time about a man in Vietnam who discovered a prototype though this one he shows in a video is different than the one found in the bar few weeks ago... now this brings up questions could this be the actual iPhone 4G because as of now there are two different prototypes and the one shown by the vietnamese man seems to be stuck on some screen with fire and not much of the software is shown, but the backing on this model seems to be glossy opposing to the matte version shown before in the bar. This one seems like it is also real and Apple haven't really mentioned anything about this iPhone 4G found in Vietnam.

Here is a video of the next found iPhone 4G in Vietnam:

HP Slate to be cancelled?

Now everyone was expecting good competition for the iPad because the HP Slate was coming and I was actually quite anticipated for it's release until news from TechCrunch hit and there are rumours going with the fact that HP might not release the slate. To be honest there was a lot of talk about how Windows 7 wouldn't make a good tablet OS and it seems HP are listening to the consumers and now are thinking about not releasing the HP Slate, this is not confirmed yet but as we have seen the videos of HP Slate performing using Windows 7 it seemed to run fine. Even in an interview with Phil Mckinney, HP worker. He said the HP slate will be coming, but with these rumours we aren't sure... this was definitely some news because the anticipation was big for the HP Slate and HP were praising the product a lot and then they suddenly decide to not release it? More news on the HP Slate to come soon, stay tuned.

Latest Technology Innovations Introduced At 2010 Consumer Electronics Show

Internet Relay Chat

This site as you all have been noticing, has been running for a while now and I am glad to say the site is doing very well, thanks to all your support. The site has evolved a lot since it was introduced back in January and today I am announcing that we also have an IRC chat room on the blog it is located on the tab to the right called "IRC chat room" there you can chat all about tech and the world of Apple or Microsoft if you like, our chat room name is #AppleTech and we hope you all have a great time in the chat room and for more information check out our chat room page and be apart of the community, no registration is necessary, just put in any username and chat. I will be also there in the chat and other people as well. My username is: Mac-1000x. So please do stop by. Thank you.

For people who have no clue of what an IRC chat is and how it works, there are people chatting normally but you might see people with a symbol beside their name in the status bar that means, that they are an Operator, Half Operator, or Admin, Voice member and Owner. These are the people who have been the most involved in the chat room and they are the ones who make sure that the chat room has no spamming, swearing and everything is in good standings. There are also bot's in particular two of the bot's on my chat room are "Snoopy" and "Mattie" when no one is around they make sure that other's are following the rules if not the person either gets kicked from the chat room or banned. This way everyone can have a good time in the chat room without any problems.

Spread the word so we can have more people involved in the chat! The URL for the chat is:

We hope you join our chat room soon, thanks! :)

iPad Dominating Netbook's Market

It's been less than a month and the iPad has hit 1 million product sales, which shows that at one point netbook's were huge, now could face a dramatic loss. Many companies had created netbook's and the main one being Asus with the largest lineup of netbook's and they could be facing a huge loss because Apple has brought tablet computing and this is replacing all the netbook's. The problem with netbook's is the fact the price difference isn't huge from an iPad but performance wise there is a considerable difference. Remember when the first Eee Pc was released it was said to be for $199 and that blew people away, but when it was released was it $199 for the consumers? No. At that point of time money mattered most to people and all that mattered was that they had a computer but with Apple bringing Tablet computing to the next level, people have changed their minds. Netbook's were also very new to the market and were looking to be a hit for the next few years but the iPad has brought their sales down dramatically and we could be seeing and end soon for netbook's but the question remains will Tablet Pc's catch on the new trend?

The netbook market is also adapting to having tablet's as well with an added keyboard but that add's to the price and nearly costs as much as the iPad or even more. We know for sure that everyone isn't an Apple fan, so the netbook's can still be in a safe situation. But if Apple continue to keep prices lowered down to target everyone in the consumer market, then that could end all hopes for netbook's

Latest Technology Innovations Introduced At 2010 Consumer Electronics Show

iPad Update

Sorry for not making posts the past few days, was very busy. But now I am back and there is more news from the world of Apple. According to stats firstly it is said in less than a month the iPad has hit 1 million product sales and that is much better even compared to when the iPhone first came out! The iPad 3g is doing well in terms of sales but not as high as the Wifi model. The iPad 3g was said to have sold near 300,000 units! And it can only get better for Apple. Apple is now seemingly dominating the tablet market but once the slate hits in June supposedly then we could see drama. It just goes to show how much sales difference a product can make if it has an Apple logo on it.

There are also people on the lookout for iPad's on the refurbished store so people can save around $100 for a brand new iPad but with a different box, but chances are if they do appear they will sell faster than the Mac mini which typically gets out of stock from the refurb store in minutes. Remember I talked about a widget called "Refurb Me" which helps you keep track and keeps you up to date with products appearing in the refurb store. This widget is only available for Mac only so far, meaning if you are thinking of looking out for an iPad on the refurb store this might be the perfect widget. You could find more information on my post here: Refurb Me

Stay tuned for more upcoming news on 1-Mac.