After hearing about Apple and the release of iAd in OS 4.0, Google had decided that they would buy AdMob to display ads on their Android platform phones, this gives advertisers a great chance at getting their business known through ads. Google has said to pay $750 million to buy AdMob on May 21st  and this could significant news for Apple, since Google Adsense has been around for a while, Google is well known in the Ad world. It is said Apple could make more than $800 million annually through iAd and given that their line of iPod and iPhone's are so popular this new iAd feature shouldn't be in too much danger compared to AdMob but then again the Android platform is catching up and is proving to be a real nice OS, for many smart phones. Developers can also expect to make more money through ad's from AdMob and iAd. It is said that AdMob also had minimalist ads on the iPhone before. But with Google as a strong company it shouldn't take too long for everyone to get used to AdMob.

I think it was a good move from Google to buy AdMob at this stage as they understand they need to keep up with their competitors and this could make the Android platform even more popular for developers in the future.

Apple Unveils New Software For iPhone And iPad

A company logo is placed on the roof of the Google building in Zurich