This site as you all have been noticing, has been running for a while now and I am glad to say the site is doing very well, thanks to all your support. The site has evolved a lot since it was introduced back in January and today I am announcing that we also have an IRC chat room on the blog it is located on the tab to the right called "IRC chat room" there you can chat all about tech and the world of Apple or Microsoft if you like, our chat room name is #AppleTech and we hope you all have a great time in the chat room and for more information check out our chat room page and be apart of the community, no registration is necessary, just put in any username and chat. I will be also there in the chat and other people as well. My username is: Mac-1000x. So please do stop by. Thank you.

For people who have no clue of what an IRC chat is and how it works, there are people chatting normally but you might see people with a symbol beside their name in the status bar that means, that they are an Operator, Half Operator, or Admin, Voice member and Owner. These are the people who have been the most involved in the chat room and they are the ones who make sure that the chat room has no spamming, swearing and everything is in good standings. There are also bot's in particular two of the bot's on my chat room are "Snoopy" and "Mattie" when no one is around they make sure that other's are following the rules if not the person either gets kicked from the chat room or banned. This way everyone can have a good time in the chat room without any problems.

Spread the word so we can have more people involved in the chat! The URL for the chat is:

We hope you join our chat room soon, thanks! :)