The end of MacTechToday!

Hello everyone! I wanted to take the time and thank all of you for your support while I was blogging on MacTechToday. I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot about blogging throughout my time. But as some people might have noted, time has been something I don't have much of, so I did not have the ability to update this site as much. Therefore I decided that I would have to put an end to MacTechToday, and concentrate on blogging that doesn't require updates almost everyday! But I loved blogging for this site, and again I would like to thank all of you for your support, I wouldn't have made it this far, if it wasn't for you guys!

Meanwhile I am working on another blog: Mac Mini Tech and I am updating that blog on a week to week or month to month basis and I hope you guys subscribe to that blog! :-) It is still Apple related!

But before I leave just yet, I wanted to commend all of you of the progress this blog had made. It may not sound like much to some people, but it means a lot to me.

Throughout the blog's history: 1 year and 6 months- there has been 10,569 page views. Nearly 100 comments, and visits from over 20 countries and visits from many devices! 55 followers, and as much as almost 100 Feedburner subscribers at one point!

It was fun while it lasted folks! I thank you all again.

Apple iPad 2 sold out internationally

Quite surprised that the iPad 2 did indeed make it on March 25th to the international countries, quite frankly I thought we were going to expect a delay especially after the devastating earthquake in Japan, and the fact some of the manufactured equipment comes from there. The not so surprising part is that they are sold out virtually everywhere. A UK Telegraph paper wrote that the iPad 2 was not to be found in stock at any location.. Apple might believe that sales of the iPad 2 will sky rocket faster than the 1st iPad. Your best bet would be to order one online, and hope to recieve it soon, because most likely stock from online might come from another country with iPad's in stock.

The iPad 2 did reach here in Canada, but unfortunately sold out faster than I could have imagined... so I might have to wait till I pick one up, but for those that already have one, how do you find it?

*On a side note, I apologize for the delay in posts, extremely busy these days. And I was sick over this week. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Mac OSX 10.6.7 is released!

This might be the final update for all Mac OSX Snow Leopard users. I thought 10.6.6 would be the final one, but this new update brings along some security fixes.


  • Improve the reliability of Back to my Mac
  • Fixes an issue regarding sending files to SMB servers
  • Fixes some Mac App Store issues
To download the update please click here

*As a note to everyone sorry for the lack of posts, the weather has gotten me sick, and I was also quite busy this week, but more updates and posts to come soon now. 

Apple iPad past 1 month shipping

The hype about the iPad 2, is immense. Yet again, Apple failed to have enough iPad's in stock for the huge amount of people that wanted to buy one! If you bought one online, then you are out of luck, as the iPad's won't be coming in stock for another 4-5 weeks! Apple executives were in shock at the number of sales. Which bring's up another question, could this hype cause a delay in the international countries that were supposed to receive iPad's on March 25? We saw last year that there was quite a bit delay in the release, till about April for international members..

The iPad 2 did manage to make many Apple store's sell out on March 11th. But some questions remain as to how many iPad 3g models were remaining. From the way I see it, all the Wifi model's might have been sold out. And by the time Apple gets out the iPad's people ordered online, there could be quite a bit delay.

Let's hope the manufacturer's get more iPad's in stock soon. But more than that I hope they don't rush the process, as that can cause many defects, issues.

iPad 2 Draws Huge Crowds

It's not a surprise, today was going to be a busy day, for Apple! The iPad 2 release yet again proved to be another success. Huge lineups were formed outside Apple stores before the 5pm launch. Some arriving as early as 6am! SXSW Apple store in Texas had huge crowds, but it was said the Apple store in New York, had nearly 700 people waiting in line! Many people take this opportunity to pick up some cash as well by standing far ahead in line at early hours, hoping that some people might want to take their spot.

At the end of the day, Apple stores were all sold out of iPad 2's and in fact some others got models they weren't planning to buy. But since those were the only ones available they decided to go for it. The huge lineup's could be due to the fact Apple hadn't offer any form of pre-ordering online. Unlike Verizon which did offer online pre-orders with the iPhone 4, making lineups pretty short.

All in all, a day Apple won't forget and I am sure, this day will be unforgettable for others as well. By this I mean the major disaster in Japan! Hopefully everyone makes a recovery in Japan soon enough, my prayers go out to them.

Until the next post, good luck to everyone! And we hope everything starts getting better in Japan!

Apple XCode 4 now available on Mac App Store

Apple just recently updated their XCode page on the Apple site. Now it is officially free to download for all iOS and Mac developers part of the membership. If you don't have a membership, that's also fine. Apple also released XCode on the Mac App Store for $4.99, it is currently live and users without a membership can download it and get a chance to put their coding skills to the test.

The update features a new, much better looking UI, and provides coding, debugging, all in one window! So that way you can multi-task. The complier this time not only finds your mistakes in codes, but rather also fixes it! I think for $4.99 this is a sure fire great application for all that want to develop for iOS or the Macintosh platform.

For those that want to purchase XCode from the Mac App Store here is the link

iTunes to start offering Unlimited downloads?

For all those iTunes users, here is some great news, well it still remains a rumor. But sources are claiming that we might see iTunes offer unlimited downloads. For those that have no clue what this means, imagine you download a song on iTunes with your Macintosh, but you want to get this song on your iPod or iPad then you will have to purchase once more for each device. This could be costly and a pain. So Apple want's you to save some money and are planning to offer Unlimited downloads so that once you do download something it can be used on all your devices.

Now you might be wondering, why didn't Apple think about doing this beforehand? Well the reason behind this has to be with the music industry in how they believe music should be shared, once that is sorted out with the companies, all iTunes users can be in for a real treat!

On another note iTunes 10.2 was also released so if you haven't updated yet, I believe that it would be good to do so now.