Apple Event 2 days away and rumors of touchscreen iMac

The Apple event is only two days away and rumors have it we will see a revamped iPod Touch with a camera and reports also suggest a touchscreen much smaller iPod Nano, which measures a tiny 3 inches, rumors have it that Apple might remove the click wheel on the Nano's with a touch screen display instead. Interesting to see what will happen on September 1st. Will there be a price drop, we have no clue at the moment, but that would be nice.

Also other news states that a patent was discovered for using the iMac as a touch screen. Rumors show that the iMac will be able to move into tablet style mode, using the hinge at the back and the iMac will feature an iOS interface which will make it look like an even bigger iPod Touch. I am sure you will be able to switch between iOS and OSX though which would be marvellous. At the moment, all of this is just a rumor, stay tuned for more content.

Here is a video of the AppleByte by Cnet's: Brian Tong:

Apple to hold Event on September 1st

There has been a lot of talk about how Apple might be releasing many new products soon, I had also written about how the next iPod Touch might feature a facetime camera and also the iPhone will be going Verizon soon. It's not far from today, but Apple are planning to hold an event on September 1st, most likely to unveil the new iPod Touch line. I think rumors might be true about the fact it might feature a camera, I doubt we will see any difference in the design. But the question remains what about the other iPod's? Some might be wondering if Apple will continue to sell the iPod Classic, considering it is one of the least popular iPod's being sold. Also the Shuffle isn't doing that great either, as a matter of fact many people aren't really fond of the current design, and would like to have the control buttons on the actual device. The iPod Classic is the only iPod to store all your files in a hard disk drive, whereas all the other models, use flash memory. This could mean increased risks of you losing your data, if your iPod Classic faces bumps or any sort of drop. But this could also mean lots of storage for people with a huge library of songs. The Nano might also get a refresh, because of the fact it has looked mainly the same since the last generation. This time having a camera and a slightly larger screen. To be honest I wonder if Apple will release an iPod Nano relevant to the third generation Nano, which had a squarish design. I actually really liked the look of that!

The rumors about the iTV are also going around and many say there might be $0.99 iTunes movie rentals. Apple is trying their best to get the market going for iTunes. This might also be unveiled on September 1st, at least I believe it might. This event might hold a lot of surprises! Stay tuned as we keep you updated with more news.

Apple iTV coming next month?

The rumor about the iTV has been going around for a while now and rumors suggest, this might be the time the Apple TV had a refresh. Last time being in 2009. This time around the current Apple TV supports YouTube playback, iTunes downloads and Streaming radio. What concerns many people is that the packaging of the current Apple TV is minimalist, with a power cord, AppleTV and a remote. No cables are bundled together, such as an HDMI cable. I wonder whether Apple will provide that with the upcoming iTV. The iTV is said to be launched in September for $99. The iTV will run on iOS platform and might come with a built in app store, much like the iPod's. The device is cloud based and the design might be much smaller than the current Apple TV. No confirmed news of this yet, but with many rumors coming around you just might think, this is true.

New Mac mini's hit Apple Refurbished store

Apple's new line of Mac mini's were released on June 15th and finally, they have hit the Apple Refurbished store. The base model of the Mac mini, which is $699 USD is $599 on the refurb store, so you are saving $100. The base model features 2gb RAM and 320gb Hard drive. Alongside a 2.4ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor.

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Also a Server model is available on the refurb store at $849 USD. The server model features a 2.66ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 4GB Ram, 1TB Hard Drive. Along with an Nvidia 320m GPU and Snow Leopard Server OS. 

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Apple worker charged for kickbacks

Apple as you know is a very secretive company, especially when it comes to new products coming, they try their best to keep their mouth shut, to unveil everyone new products, and also to keep competitors concerned, about what might be coming. But that didn't go so well with the iPhone 4. This time Apple worker "Paul Shin Devine" was charged for kickbacks. He was paid by other manufacturers to provide information, which Apple had kept private. Paul's plan was to set Apple back and give other suppliers in China the advantage. The information was leaked to companies in China, Korea and Singapore.  I guess for the money he was getting paid, he couldn't resist. No one knows for sure what he had leaked, but one thing is for sure, that it was definitely something confidential, it has been said Divine was sued by Apple in the end. With a company so huge, you would expect such a crime to be found earlier, according to many people. I believe they are absolutely right, Apple has to work on their company policy and if it were to be more stricter this time around, this incident might have been taken care of before it was too late.

Firmware update released for iPod Touch and iPad

Apple has just released firmware updates both for the iPod Touch and iPad. The iPod Touch now has iOS 4.02 and no mulit-tasking on the iPad yet. The update for iPad is 3.2.2 The only reason Apple had released this update was to fix a bug with the PDF and this patches the exploit. This was the same reason was made. But now if you do update you lose jailbreak and will not work. This is probably the only reason for the update. Nothing huge. In order to update you need the latest version of iTunes and then immediately once you plug in your iPod/ iPad. iTunes should recognize it and ask for update.

Apple to replace overheating 1st gen Nano's in Japan

I have to say it took Apple quite a while to find this issue and that is with the first generation iPod Nano's. They were out a few years ago and now people in Japan report overheating issues, causing the iPod to melt and Apple claims this is due to the battery. They are though happy to replace it and does not require warranty. The battery is made by a third party company. The overheating issues seem to look quite bad and casing does fall apart. I wonder what took Apple so long to think about replacing it. To find out about how to replace your iPod Nano 1st gen if you live in Japan, is to give Apple support a call.

Microsoft launches Mac vs PC Site

As if Microsoft hasn't had enough of Apple. First Apple taking over many sales from Microsoft and now Apple is also worth more than Microsoft. As some of you might know, Microsoft has launched an "I'm a PC" campaign worth millions of dollars. Now Microsoft also launched a site showing why they are better than any Mac. This launch of the site, hasn't really turned sales around as it was just released a few days ago. But Microsoft is now trying to take revenge and get sales. Will this marketing campaign be successful? We are not sure yet. Maybe they should try something like the "Old Spice Man" did! It was a very successful campaign. The "I'm a PC" campaign still continues today. Apple remains on top today and looking at the Apple Store's and great marketing skills, Apple has gotten into the market, earlier than Microsoft, with an Apple store, whereas Microsoft still has only a few stores. Apple also remains strong because of their media market, such as their product the iPhone. Microsoft had launched the Rim but that deemed to be a failure. Were not sure as to what else Microsoft will try in the future, but at the moment they are in a tight situation.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 and Apple Update

We had spoken about how Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac will be here soon. As usual, Windows get's it a year before Mac. This new "ribbon" design, provides the look of, the familiar Windows, version of MS Office but on a Mac. It will also support Outlook now and people say we might be seeing MS Office releasing Office for Mac 2011, sometime October this year. Not sure about pricing yet... but where is iWork, I wonder? There hasn't been much news on iWork yet. But as far as Office goes, I wish in the next revision iWork has more compatibility towards Windows as well.

The news about the iPod's is that, Apple generally has their iPod refresh in September but rumors have it that we might see them being updated early this year and MacRumors, believes it might be mid August! No clue as to why it's early this year, but it's always a good thing! :)

That's it for today, stay tuned for more news in the future.

More rumors on Apple products.

Remember how before we had talked about the 4th generation iPod Touch, and how we might see a camera on the outside, which was said, might be around 2 megapixels. Well now MacRumors, found pics of a case developer of an iPod Touch case with a space for a front facing camera, for Facetime! Considering that iPhone runs FaceTime through Wifi, it seems like the iPod Touch might get a Facetime camera as well. Remember Apple updates, the iPod Touch in September, so it's not long, till we will see a refresh. If you are planning to buy an iPod Touch, I suggest you hold on for now. The design seems to look the same for the most part, because in my opinion, I don't think Apple could make it look any better.

Other rumors from AppleInsider, show that we might see the next generation iPad, with a camera, according to certain IT documentation. Not sure as to what the resolution might be, and/or whether it will support Facetime functionality or not. I am not sure as to when we will see a refresh of the iPad, I might guess that it might receive an update at the same time as the iPod Touch's because it is a media device along with the whole iPod lineup.

For more information on the, rumored iPad with camera, check out: AppleInsider

LONDON - SEPTEMBER 05:  The new Ipod Touch is held at the UK launch of the product at the BBC on September 5, 2007 in London, England. Steve Jobs spoke to the press at the launch of the new Ipod Touch in San Francisco  (Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images)

Apple's iPad is announced in France on May 28, 2010. Illustration done in Paris, France on May 11, showing various abilities of the new iPad. Photo by Balkis Press/ABACAPRESS.COM Photo via Newscom

iPhone 5 coming early 2011?

Sorry about the delay in writing posts, folks! I was awfully busy lately. Now lets get back onto track! :) Looking at news lately, there seems to be rumors of Apple releasing an iPhone 5 early next year! Kind of odd if you ask me cause, it's hardly been anytime since the iPhone 4 was released. Now for people who bought an iPhone 4, sad to say but your phone might be outdated soon. Now, no one knows for sure whether the iPhone 5 will have a new look, or will Apple only fix the antenna hardware issue. But the rumor might be true, because the same news comes from many sources.

Other rumors which I had talked to you about before, was that we might see a smaller iPad! The rumor has it that this time we might see a smaller 7 inch iPad, rather than the usual 10 inch iPad.