As if Microsoft hasn't had enough of Apple. First Apple taking over many sales from Microsoft and now Apple is also worth more than Microsoft. As some of you might know, Microsoft has launched an "I'm a PC" campaign worth millions of dollars. Now Microsoft also launched a site showing why they are better than any Mac. This launch of the site, hasn't really turned sales around as it was just released a few days ago. But Microsoft is now trying to take revenge and get sales. Will this marketing campaign be successful? We are not sure yet. Maybe they should try something like the "Old Spice Man" did! It was a very successful campaign. The "I'm a PC" campaign still continues today. Apple remains on top today and looking at the Apple Store's and great marketing skills, Apple has gotten into the market, earlier than Microsoft, with an Apple store, whereas Microsoft still has only a few stores. Apple also remains strong because of their media market, such as their product the iPhone. Microsoft had launched the Rim but that deemed to be a failure. Were not sure as to what else Microsoft will try in the future, but at the moment they are in a tight situation.