The Apple event is only two days away and rumors have it we will see a revamped iPod Touch with a camera and reports also suggest a touchscreen much smaller iPod Nano, which measures a tiny 3 inches, rumors have it that Apple might remove the click wheel on the Nano's with a touch screen display instead. Interesting to see what will happen on September 1st. Will there be a price drop, we have no clue at the moment, but that would be nice.

Also other news states that a patent was discovered for using the iMac as a touch screen. Rumors show that the iMac will be able to move into tablet style mode, using the hinge at the back and the iMac will feature an iOS interface which will make it look like an even bigger iPod Touch. I am sure you will be able to switch between iOS and OSX though which would be marvellous. At the moment, all of this is just a rumor, stay tuned for more content.

Here is a video of the AppleByte by Cnet's: Brian Tong: