We had spoken about how Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac will be here soon. As usual, Windows get's it a year before Mac. This new "ribbon" design, provides the look of, the familiar Windows, version of MS Office but on a Mac. It will also support Outlook now and people say we might be seeing MS Office releasing Office for Mac 2011, sometime October this year. Not sure about pricing yet... but where is iWork, I wonder? There hasn't been much news on iWork yet. But as far as Office goes, I wish in the next revision iWork has more compatibility towards Windows as well.

The news about the iPod's is that, Apple generally has their iPod refresh in September but rumors have it that we might see them being updated early this year and MacRumors, believes it might be mid August! No clue as to why it's early this year, but it's always a good thing! :)

That's it for today, stay tuned for more news in the future.