There has been a lot of talk about how Apple might be releasing many new products soon, I had also written about how the next iPod Touch might feature a facetime camera and also the iPhone will be going Verizon soon. It's not far from today, but Apple are planning to hold an event on September 1st, most likely to unveil the new iPod Touch line. I think rumors might be true about the fact it might feature a camera, I doubt we will see any difference in the design. But the question remains what about the other iPod's? Some might be wondering if Apple will continue to sell the iPod Classic, considering it is one of the least popular iPod's being sold. Also the Shuffle isn't doing that great either, as a matter of fact many people aren't really fond of the current design, and would like to have the control buttons on the actual device. The iPod Classic is the only iPod to store all your files in a hard disk drive, whereas all the other models, use flash memory. This could mean increased risks of you losing your data, if your iPod Classic faces bumps or any sort of drop. But this could also mean lots of storage for people with a huge library of songs. The Nano might also get a refresh, because of the fact it has looked mainly the same since the last generation. This time having a camera and a slightly larger screen. To be honest I wonder if Apple will release an iPod Nano relevant to the third generation Nano, which had a squarish design. I actually really liked the look of that!

The rumors about the iTV are also going around and many say there might be $0.99 iTunes movie rentals. Apple is trying their best to get the market going for iTunes. This might also be unveiled on September 1st, at least I believe it might. This event might hold a lot of surprises! Stay tuned as we keep you updated with more news.