Apple as you know is a very secretive company, especially when it comes to new products coming, they try their best to keep their mouth shut, to unveil everyone new products, and also to keep competitors concerned, about what might be coming. But that didn't go so well with the iPhone 4. This time Apple worker "Paul Shin Devine" was charged for kickbacks. He was paid by other manufacturers to provide information, which Apple had kept private. Paul's plan was to set Apple back and give other suppliers in China the advantage. The information was leaked to companies in China, Korea and Singapore.  I guess for the money he was getting paid, he couldn't resist. No one knows for sure what he had leaked, but one thing is for sure, that it was definitely something confidential, it has been said Divine was sued by Apple in the end. With a company so huge, you would expect such a crime to be found earlier, according to many people. I believe they are absolutely right, Apple has to work on their company policy and if it were to be more stricter this time around, this incident might have been taken care of before it was too late.