iPad 3G released!

Even with the 3G model of the iPad coming out there was huge lineups outside and as usual Apple made it a worthy day thanks to their marketing and people were glued and waiting for the iPad. The iPad was released in the evening with Apple setting up various workshops for their iPad and as usually causing a lot of hype. It was released around 5pm and there were many line ups. Apple manages to get attention again this time with a similar device which they had released last month and that is thanks to their great marketing skills. We could be expecting huge amounts of sale and if you had pre-ordered a 3G iPad you would have received it a day earlier which is nicer and doesn't require standing in lines today.

There's no clue on how many numbers of iPad 3G models have been sold but after today we will give you a heads up. Keep in mind the first days of sales tend to be the best and most profitable ones for Apple. The iPad 3G starts at $629 for the 16gb model and goes all the way to $829 for the 64gb model. International members have to wait till late May for the Wifi model and should wait at least till June for the 3G model. More updates to come soon on the iPad 3G and Apple in general. Stay tuned. 

Apple iPad 3G Goes On Sale In Stores

Apple iPad 3G Goes On Sale In Stores

iPad 3G coming!

Well, now that the iPad is gone and the hype has slowed down, it's time for it's older brother to take a step into the market! The iPad 3G is already approaching the US markets April 30th. But we can't imagine the hype and sales as high as the iPad, because to be honest not everyone is a huge fan of AT&T. The plans for AT&T start at $15 for 250mb of data and $30 for unlimited. The prices of each model of the iPad are $130 more than the Wifi model. The 3G version is already being released in the U.S. but international members have yet to get their hands on the Wifi model, which was set to be released late April but now is late May and stories also show the HP Slate might also be on a delay for it's release possibly to create more hype for the product like the iPad. We can't imagine sales of the iPad to be as high internationally as they were in the U.S. but there will be a huge hype that is for sure.

So dates to remember are that the iPad 3G will be release April 30th though some sites claim it might be released a day earlier but it has not been confirmed and the iPad will be coming to international markets late May.

Apple iPad Arrives In Stores

Apple to release iPhone early?

The leaked iPhone from Gizmodo seems real because now rumours are coming and show that Apple might release the iPhone 4G earlier than expected because if they delay this fact then there won't be much of a hype and people will already know what is coming. Apple aren't impressed with Gizmodo and it seemed like Apple were going to take a while before releasing the new iPhone but now will have to settle with the fact Gizmodo has already leaked it to everyone. Apple must have been glad more of the interface and interior wasn't shown of the iPhone and so people will have some sort of a suspense to clear up. Apple aren't happy but there are surprises happening every year since Apple releases new products each year but do count on Gizmodo to be the first to leak everything.

Many people have different opinions on the leaked iPhone and I believe it wouldn't really matter had the iPhone been shown later than now but it would have been nice for some people to see it released in a keynote. The iPhone keynote shouldn't be a huge suspense but the iPod Touch might be the new news. Keep in mind the iPod line is generally released every September and we will keep you up to date with that as well.

Mac mini boot speed test

I got questions from people asking about how fast the Mac mini is and I made a video to show you the boot speed, I believe it is very fast and a great machine overall! The boot speed is around 37 seconds and considering I have loaded it with a lot of software it still seems to out run my old PC. More updates in the world of Macintosh and about the Mac mini coming soon.

Opera Mini Review

Opera launched it's new web browser a few days ago to compete with Apple's mobile Safari browser. Opera mini does what it said it would do really well and that is perform faster than Safari. It indeed is incredibly fast but in my opinion after having a good look at Opera mini. The interface is great and the idea of having tabs is nice. Though zooming on pages can be quite a pain and words zoomed in always don't turn out right. The way I found out you can zoom in is by tapping the screen twice. The two finger inward and outward zoom feature which works smoothly on Safari doesn't really work that well on Opera mini.

Security wise it is said the Opera mini won't work so great if, you plan on going sites which require your password, and many people have mentioned Facebook crashing on Opera mini. The interface for the most part is clean and uncluttered, though moving up and down pages isn't as smooth. The top red and bottom black bar are a bit too big and make your internet experience a little bit smaller due to the bars taking too much space.

Opera mini isn't going to replace Safari in anyway which explains why Apple might wanted to put Opera on the app store, because many people in my opinion will stick to Safari. But if Opera make more updates in the future we could be seeing a new web browser for the iPhone but for now I will stick to Safari.

A look at the new Macbook Pro's

Reviewers seem to give the new Macbook Pro's a thumbs up but consumers aren't happy with the fact that with a $2000 laptop there is still no blu-ray or HDMI connectivity. You can find PC's with the same amount of power for a cheaper price. But then again this is an Apple product. The people at Cnet, give us a look and a review of the new Macbook Pro.

The graphics are also now much improved from the last nVidia 9400m compared to the 330GT which is now included on the 15 and 17 inch Macbook Pro's

iPhone 4G leaked

People buying an iPhone soon, keep alert that there is a new iPhone rumour on the loose but this doesn't seem like it's a rumour although pictures shown on Gizmodo show that this might be the real thing. Not much is known spec wise but it seems the model shown is the 32gb model by Gizmodo. The design also has changed and it also has various more buttons on the outside. It also looks to be much thinner than the previous iPhone 3GS.

Here is a short video by Gizmodo:

Special thanks to Gizmodo and for more information and pictures check out: The Next iPhone-4G

Apple and AMD

It's been a while since Apple has been bonding with Intel chips in all their Mac's first it was their G4 chip which still many people use today but has been discontinued because of the fact the Intel processor was more powerful. Well rumours are now coming and people believe that Apple and AMD might be working on releasing a chip for the Mac lineup. This idea in my opinion is a good one because consumers will have more choice on their Mac configurations and some say adding the AMD processor will make some Mac's cheaper. AMD and Intel don't have much of a difference in performance just difference in company but PC laptops and computers are cheaper when they ship with an AMD processor rather than an Intel. If the Mac's do turn out to be cheaper then this could be good for Apple and AMD because there would be more sales. This fact also depends on the consumers choice. I haven't ever used AMD, always been used to Intel but I don't think it would hurt if anyone gave AMD a try.

Remember this isn't confirmed news and it could be yet another plain rumour but when there is news about Apple leaked, there usually serious and we may actually see AMD in the future. But for now stay tuned for more news only here.

Technology Leaders Address Oracle Open World Conference

Apple Unveils New Software For iPhone And iPad

My Google Search Story

Well, with all the news coming. I thought that I might as well have a little bit of fun! If you check out YouTube, you can find that people can make their own Google Search Story! You can show off everyone five websites which you like to go on using Google! I found it pretty fun and it's really easy to make a story of your own!  I actually think it's great and you should all give it a try as well. Remember you do need a YouTube account if you want to upload your video! Check out YouTube Search Stories to make one for yourself and for more information!

Here is my search story video, hope you enjoy!

iPad International Release Delayed till Late May

The international release of the iPad which everyone was hoping for was set to be nearing late April which was coming soon, now if you search on Craiglist and eBay you will find some people selling the iPad over $200 the original price and that seems to keep making people buy it overseas which makes sense that Apple would want to delay the iPad internationally so there would be a huge boom in the market. The iPad is now set to be released in late May. Quite sad news for international consumers but if you want an iPad and don't really care about the price then Craigslist and eBay is the way to go. Keep in mind the app store is locked to only U.S. members at this time so your iPad won't come in plentiful usage if you live outside the U.S. There seems to be a lot of news these days but keep hooked to 1-Mac for more updates and news on Apple.

Intel Core i5 and i7 is here for the Macbook Pro lineup

Lots of news coming in these days and the rumour about the Macbook Pro's having the new Intel Processors was true! This is only available to the 15 inch and 17 inch Macbook Pro's starting at $1799 with a 2.4ghz Intel Core i5 processor to $2199 with an Intel Core i7 processor at 2.66ghz. The 17 inch Macbook Pro also features an i5 Processor starting at $2299 and an i7 for $2499. Well we were expecting this news sooner or later. So, I would say if people were looking to purchase a Macbook Pro, now would be the prefect time!  The 13 inch Macbook Pro still remains with an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. Everyone can now expect more snappier and speedier performance in the new Macbook Pro's.

To enlarge image click on it 

Opera Mini Browser takes on Safari

Safari, was the most used browser on the iPhone and iPod Touch and it was good while it lasted but after the release of the Opera Mini Browser, people are blown away. It make Safari look like last year's browser! I mean after downloading this browser on my iPod Touch, I can't believe the speed difference! Best of all it's free! Do check out the app store and download this browser, you won't regret it. I would have to give this browser a 5/5 for speed, and I also really like the layout. Though I wish the bottom bar didn't take too much screen space away...

Here is a video showing the speed differences between Safari and Opera Mini. A full review of the Opera Mini browser will come soon.

HP Slate- Specs Revealed and Price

Well, the HP slate was leaked on Engadget.com with full specs of the device. Here's what we found out: The HP Slate will have an Intel Atom processor running at 1.6ghz Z530 and it features an 8.9 inch multi-touch screen. The OS is Windows 7 Home Premium, it will have two cameras, one inward VGA webcam and an outward 3 megapixel camera. Battery life is said to be 5 hours and pricing is near $550, it comes with an extra SD card slot for more memory, 1 USB port and also features 1GB RAM and an option of 32 or 64GB Hard Drive. This will be fierce competition for the iPad and when it reaches the market we will have to see how the reviews turn out.

For now we also found, what seems to be a commercial of the HP Slate.

Special thanks goes out to Engadget.com and HP Computers.

Apple and Google

Apple is getting ready for the launch of the iPhone OS 4.0 near the summer, meanwhile the beta version of OS 4.0 has already been jailbroken. Hackers have caught up with Apple very quickly and for some consumers that can be a good thing, meaning now people can use their iPad's, iPhones and iPod Touch's to the fullest extent when customizing.

The new feature called iAd is set to do well for Apple mainly cause of the fact their iPhone's are very popular and Google is also trying a new marketing scheme, while trying to purchase AdMob since last year, Google believes that AdMob will be the perfect competitor to iAd. Will Google end up buying AdMob? We aren't sure just yet. 

Meanwhile news is that Google has also made an operating system for netbooks and it is fully open source, it hasn't been released yet but when it does we will have more news for you. Safari users as well as Firefox users can expect to be happy because of the fact both Apple and Mozilla are working on improving the speed and stability of their browser's to go past Google's Chrome and they realized that since Google is taking over the internet they should also have a part as well. So expect much more security and stability in future updates of both Safari and Firefox. 

That's it for today's news but if more news comes up, expect it to be here only on 1-Mac! 

iPhone OS 4.0 released

Apple announced the release of the iPhone Beta today and sorry there is no new iPhone... but the new OS 4.0 isn't that big of a deal and seems to do what Android did. Apple has said there will be 100 new features and one of the main one's I am going to point out to you is multitasking! Multitasking is finally here for the iPhone OS 4.0 and this should be something which people wanted from a long time ago! Meaning you could run one application at the same time while using another one! The iPhone OS 4.0 update is for the iPod Touch 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation, as well as the iPhone 3G and 3GS and it will also be released for the iPad soon. The new update also has the iBooks store and a better mail feature. iAd is also a new feature for rich advertisement  on the iPod and iPhone this will make it easier for people to stay on the current app while viewing any ads which are found on the app itself. A new SDK for developers will be released as well, so that means even more apps! We hope the interface gets a bit of a change and to be honest iTunes in my opinion is long due for a refresh.

For more information check out: Apple iPhone OS 4.0

iPhone OS 4.0 coming tomorrow?

Well, the buzz of the iPad is gone but here is more news and there is always something going on with Apple. Now news is coming that a new iPhone will be coming out, so people wanting to buy an iPhone should wait for this one. iPhone 4.0 is also said to bring a new interface, and it's about time Apple had a change around on the software interface. It hasn't even been a week since the iPad was released but now there is news about a new iPhone, the conference for the iPhone is said to be tomorrow but we will see about more news soon.

Meanwhile the iPad is getting excellent reviews from consumers and reviewers because of the apps, the way TV is being watched now is through the iPad, thanks to Netflix, and ABC's app to watch shows. Also one downside which was brought up is that PDF files can't be viewed on the iPad yet, but Adobe is said to be working to create one soon. The iPad could be old news after the release of the (possible) new iPhone. But iPhone 4.0 is said to be confirmed for tomorrow.

That's it for today, stay tuned for more news on 1-Mac.

iPad Sales

The iPad is finally released and the consumers finally got a taste of, how the iPad actually is and to be honest I actually seem to like it more with the more capabilities and so does everyone else. Apple really set this one apart, making it look as if it's just a bigger iPod Touch but when you actually try it, it seems way more than just that! The iPad was a huge success despite some negative reviews before it began selling. According to Cnet and Apple, 300,000 iPad's were sold on the first day, and more than 1 million app downloads as well as 250,000 downloads from the iBooks store. Just goes to show people are interested in reading. Though the prices in the iBooks store range from around $5.99 to around $19.99 there are always previews with a chapter for free and that is a great thing, just like the Kindle. The iPad will simply blow away the Kindle DX because it just costs $10 more but offers much more capabilities, than just reading! Some people are expecting nearly 1 million iPad sales near the end of the week but if this continues just like the first day then it could be even sooner than that. Most people say the iPad is a great product and so far after the release there hasn't been any negative reviews, which is a good thing for Apple.

Overall you could see Apple hit the bank again with the iPad, lots of credit also goes to the way they market their products. Only the Wifi model was released on April 3rd, expect the 3G models to come near the end of April and the iPad release will come internationally at the end of April as well. That's the story for today, on the iPad! We hope you enjoyed today's post and keep it here only at 1-Mac for future news and updates.

Photo by: Stephen Trupp/starmaxinc.com 2010 4/3/10 Apple Fans crowd an Apple Store in SoH
A look at the huge amount of people who are at the Apple store purchasing an iPad.

iPad released today in the U.S.

Well, today is the big day for Apple because it is the release of the iPad. Many people woke up early and were the first to visit the Apple store and Best buy at 9 am EST to pickup an iPad and people who pre-ordered also got their's on time. The hype is really big and people have changed their minds about the iPad just being a bigger iPod Touch, it comes bundled with many apps and a nice add-on is the iWorks package which looks pretty to good to work on the iPad. There is also the iBooks store which makes reading a joy! It will surely dominate the Amazon Kindle. The iPad is proving to be more than just a bigger iPod Touch and even though you don't get many accessories with the iPad, the software included makes it even. The speakers on the iPad are far better than the iPod and thanks to the iBooks store this may as well dominate the Amazon Kindle. Many developers managed to get their hands on one and the iPad is off to a good start the first day! The Wifi model was released today, expect the 3G models to be released in a few weeks. Cnet managed to get the iPad yesterday and have already released a review!

Here is one of the review of the iPad and a special thanks to Cnet and Donald Bell for the review:

For more information check out Cnet's site: iPad 16gb Wifi Review

Apple iPad

Reviewer's managed to get the iPad at hand a day before others and on YouTube, quite a bunch of videos of the iPad are coming. We got to see how Cnet unbox their iPad and talk about their first impressions. More peripherals are also shown being unboxed and also the case for the iPad in my opinion looks pretty darn nice! The accessories are purchased separately (The case and the longer power cord as well as the dock) Overall it looks pretty good and we will have more soon.

Here is the video, hope you guys enjoy and a special thanks to Cnet for this:

Google throws in Flash with browser

Well, one reason why Apple didn't put in flash into the iPad was because of how much it crashes! I was also a victim of this as I visited my site the other day and since some of my pictures use flash they crashed on me with that "little question mark blue Lego." Sadly to say YouTube videos will also tend to crash. This is the main reason why Apple decided not to put flash on the iPad. Because of how unstable it is. Adobe is working on compatibility with Mac's while YouTube is slowly developing more and more into the HTML 5 world.

On the other hand Google took a different step, it was a smart one too if your not an Apple user. Google decided to team up with Adobe and integrate Flash into their browser Chrome. So now Window's devices such as Google phone's now have the capability of flash on the net after downloading Chrome. If the iPad can also get Chrome, (which were not sure is possible because the standard browser is Safari) then the iPad will also have Flash capabilities. However if you want a crashing OS and instability I wouldn't recommend putting Flash on the iPad or the iPod. With this step Google has taken it should make them more popular in terms of their browser, because it will have more support thanks to Flash, and could also teach a lesson to other browsers. That's it for today only 2 more days remain till the iPad's release in the U.S. stay tuned for more news only one 1-Mac.

Also today is April Fools today, we hope you enjoy fooling all of your friends and also let them know about 1-Mac! Spread the word. That would be really great.