The leaked iPhone from Gizmodo seems real because now rumours are coming and show that Apple might release the iPhone 4G earlier than expected because if they delay this fact then there won't be much of a hype and people will already know what is coming. Apple aren't impressed with Gizmodo and it seemed like Apple were going to take a while before releasing the new iPhone but now will have to settle with the fact Gizmodo has already leaked it to everyone. Apple must have been glad more of the interface and interior wasn't shown of the iPhone and so people will have some sort of a suspense to clear up. Apple aren't happy but there are surprises happening every year since Apple releases new products each year but do count on Gizmodo to be the first to leak everything.

Many people have different opinions on the leaked iPhone and I believe it wouldn't really matter had the iPhone been shown later than now but it would have been nice for some people to see it released in a keynote. The iPhone keynote shouldn't be a huge suspense but the iPod Touch might be the new news. Keep in mind the iPod line is generally released every September and we will keep you up to date with that as well.