Well, today is the big day for Apple because it is the release of the iPad. Many people woke up early and were the first to visit the Apple store and Best buy at 9 am EST to pickup an iPad and people who pre-ordered also got their's on time. The hype is really big and people have changed their minds about the iPad just being a bigger iPod Touch, it comes bundled with many apps and a nice add-on is the iWorks package which looks pretty to good to work on the iPad. There is also the iBooks store which makes reading a joy! It will surely dominate the Amazon Kindle. The iPad is proving to be more than just a bigger iPod Touch and even though you don't get many accessories with the iPad, the software included makes it even. The speakers on the iPad are far better than the iPod and thanks to the iBooks store this may as well dominate the Amazon Kindle. Many developers managed to get their hands on one and the iPad is off to a good start the first day! The Wifi model was released today, expect the 3G models to be released in a few weeks. Cnet managed to get the iPad yesterday and have already released a review!

Here is one of the review of the iPad and a special thanks to Cnet and Donald Bell for the review:

For more information check out Cnet's site: iPad 16gb Wifi Review