It's been a while since Apple has been bonding with Intel chips in all their Mac's first it was their G4 chip which still many people use today but has been discontinued because of the fact the Intel processor was more powerful. Well rumours are now coming and people believe that Apple and AMD might be working on releasing a chip for the Mac lineup. This idea in my opinion is a good one because consumers will have more choice on their Mac configurations and some say adding the AMD processor will make some Mac's cheaper. AMD and Intel don't have much of a difference in performance just difference in company but PC laptops and computers are cheaper when they ship with an AMD processor rather than an Intel. If the Mac's do turn out to be cheaper then this could be good for Apple and AMD because there would be more sales. This fact also depends on the consumers choice. I haven't ever used AMD, always been used to Intel but I don't think it would hurt if anyone gave AMD a try.

Remember this isn't confirmed news and it could be yet another plain rumour but when there is news about Apple leaked, there usually serious and we may actually see AMD in the future. But for now stay tuned for more news only here.

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