Well, now that the iPad is gone and the hype has slowed down, it's time for it's older brother to take a step into the market! The iPad 3G is already approaching the US markets April 30th. But we can't imagine the hype and sales as high as the iPad, because to be honest not everyone is a huge fan of AT&T. The plans for AT&T start at $15 for 250mb of data and $30 for unlimited. The prices of each model of the iPad are $130 more than the Wifi model. The 3G version is already being released in the U.S. but international members have yet to get their hands on the Wifi model, which was set to be released late April but now is late May and stories also show the HP Slate might also be on a delay for it's release possibly to create more hype for the product like the iPad. We can't imagine sales of the iPad to be as high internationally as they were in the U.S. but there will be a huge hype that is for sure.

So dates to remember are that the iPad 3G will be release April 30th though some sites claim it might be released a day earlier but it has not been confirmed and the iPad will be coming to international markets late May.

Apple iPad Arrives In Stores