Apple is getting ready for the launch of the iPhone OS 4.0 near the summer, meanwhile the beta version of OS 4.0 has already been jailbroken. Hackers have caught up with Apple very quickly and for some consumers that can be a good thing, meaning now people can use their iPad's, iPhones and iPod Touch's to the fullest extent when customizing.

The new feature called iAd is set to do well for Apple mainly cause of the fact their iPhone's are very popular and Google is also trying a new marketing scheme, while trying to purchase AdMob since last year, Google believes that AdMob will be the perfect competitor to iAd. Will Google end up buying AdMob? We aren't sure just yet. 

Meanwhile news is that Google has also made an operating system for netbooks and it is fully open source, it hasn't been released yet but when it does we will have more news for you. Safari users as well as Firefox users can expect to be happy because of the fact both Apple and Mozilla are working on improving the speed and stability of their browser's to go past Google's Chrome and they realized that since Google is taking over the internet they should also have a part as well. So expect much more security and stability in future updates of both Safari and Firefox. 

That's it for today's news but if more news comes up, expect it to be here only on 1-Mac!