Well, the HP slate was leaked on Engadget.com with full specs of the device. Here's what we found out: The HP Slate will have an Intel Atom processor running at 1.6ghz Z530 and it features an 8.9 inch multi-touch screen. The OS is Windows 7 Home Premium, it will have two cameras, one inward VGA webcam and an outward 3 megapixel camera. Battery life is said to be 5 hours and pricing is near $550, it comes with an extra SD card slot for more memory, 1 USB port and also features 1GB RAM and an option of 32 or 64GB Hard Drive. This will be fierce competition for the iPad and when it reaches the market we will have to see how the reviews turn out.

For now we also found, what seems to be a commercial of the HP Slate.

Special thanks goes out to Engadget.com and HP Computers.