Opera launched it's new web browser a few days ago to compete with Apple's mobile Safari browser. Opera mini does what it said it would do really well and that is perform faster than Safari. It indeed is incredibly fast but in my opinion after having a good look at Opera mini. The interface is great and the idea of having tabs is nice. Though zooming on pages can be quite a pain and words zoomed in always don't turn out right. The way I found out you can zoom in is by tapping the screen twice. The two finger inward and outward zoom feature which works smoothly on Safari doesn't really work that well on Opera mini.

Security wise it is said the Opera mini won't work so great if, you plan on going sites which require your password, and many people have mentioned Facebook crashing on Opera mini. The interface for the most part is clean and uncluttered, though moving up and down pages isn't as smooth. The top red and bottom black bar are a bit too big and make your internet experience a little bit smaller due to the bars taking too much space.

Opera mini isn't going to replace Safari in anyway which explains why Apple might wanted to put Opera on the app store, because many people in my opinion will stick to Safari. But if Opera make more updates in the future we could be seeing a new web browser for the iPhone but for now I will stick to Safari.