Well, the buzz of the iPad is gone but here is more news and there is always something going on with Apple. Now news is coming that a new iPhone will be coming out, so people wanting to buy an iPhone should wait for this one. iPhone 4.0 is also said to bring a new interface, and it's about time Apple had a change around on the software interface. It hasn't even been a week since the iPad was released but now there is news about a new iPhone, the conference for the iPhone is said to be tomorrow but we will see about more news soon.

Meanwhile the iPad is getting excellent reviews from consumers and reviewers because of the apps, the way TV is being watched now is through the iPad, thanks to Netflix, and ABC's app to watch shows. Also one downside which was brought up is that PDF files can't be viewed on the iPad yet, but Adobe is said to be working to create one soon. The iPad could be old news after the release of the (possible) new iPhone. But iPhone 4.0 is said to be confirmed for tomorrow.

That's it for today, stay tuned for more news on 1-Mac.