Well, one reason why Apple didn't put in flash into the iPad was because of how much it crashes! I was also a victim of this as I visited my site the other day and since some of my pictures use flash they crashed on me with that "little question mark blue Lego." Sadly to say YouTube videos will also tend to crash. This is the main reason why Apple decided not to put flash on the iPad. Because of how unstable it is. Adobe is working on compatibility with Mac's while YouTube is slowly developing more and more into the HTML 5 world.

On the other hand Google took a different step, it was a smart one too if your not an Apple user. Google decided to team up with Adobe and integrate Flash into their browser Chrome. So now Window's devices such as Google phone's now have the capability of flash on the net after downloading Chrome. If the iPad can also get Chrome, (which were not sure is possible because the standard browser is Safari) then the iPad will also have Flash capabilities. However if you want a crashing OS and instability I wouldn't recommend putting Flash on the iPad or the iPod. With this step Google has taken it should make them more popular in terms of their browser, because it will have more support thanks to Flash, and could also teach a lesson to other browsers. That's it for today only 2 more days remain till the iPad's release in the U.S. stay tuned for more news only one 1-Mac.

Also today is April Fools today, we hope you enjoy fooling all of your friends and also let them know about 1-Mac! Spread the word. That would be really great.