People are counting down the days left till the iPad release. But Apple on the other hand are having a tough time in those last minute situations. With all those deals to handle about TV on the iPad and get it ready for it's release. Well a pretty shocking news came up and that is the fact that a Taiwanese chipmaker is suing Apple for using Muli-touch displays on their products. Their patent claims that all devices which have multi-touch capabilities are not part of the patent and therefore the Taiwanese company believes that the iPad should not be shipped in the U.S. Well everything is going wrong for Apple and if they do get sued then the iPod and iPhone line will also be affected. Many companies such as HTC and this Taiwanese company known as Elan Microelectronics believe that Apple is going above their boundaries. There is great war going on with Apple and at the wrong time as well. (Just before the release of the iPad) Will the iPad release in the US? we will have to see what happens by then. The iPad is set to be released this Saturday and more news to come soon.

The other news is the fact that updates on the iPad will cost money, just like how there was a $10 fee for upgrading the iPod Touch form OS 2.0 to 3.0 but hopefully like there are jailbreaks to get it for free, we might see one for the iPad as well. As for owners of the iPhone all updates for them are free. That's it for this post stay tuned for more updates in the future on 1-Mac.

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