The release for the iPad is almost here! I will outline how far the iPad has gone and all the other analysis. So far we can tell that 120,000 iPad's were sold on the first day of pre-orders but then stooped to 240,000 at the end of the week and numbers are averaging around that range this week as well. A good amount of iPad's could have been purchased by developers in search of making new apps! Hopefully iPad's and iPod's have the ability to be backward compatible and developers create games which both work on the iPod and the iPad.

Other news is pretty surprising, the fact that supposedly any questions e-mailed to Apple regarding the iPad are responded back by Steve Jobs! That is what others claim because of the fact Jobs has leaked a bunch of news on the new features coming on the iPhone and iPad! Some say he has responded saying that there is a chance of having multiple e-mail accounts on the iPhone and iPad and it is said some new iPad games have been leaked as well. Keep in mind EA is working with Apple to make games built for the iPad! Should be exciting! More news to come soon, only on 1-Mac.