The iPad is set to be released in the U.S. on April 3rd but Steve Jobs and the entire Apple company have a lot to get done before the release. They have been getting many offers from various companies who want to broadcast television on the iPad and Apple is trying their best to put forth as much content on the iPad as possible for a reasonable price but are in the process of negotiating. With only 13 days remaining a lot is to be done before the company can take a bit of a break. No news on Flash coming yet on the iPad which disappoints people still but HTML 5 could be the next thing to replace it. There are too many deals coming to the company for the iPad and Steve Jobs is trying his best to close down everything and have it set and ready. Online there are many companies as many of you could see who offer a free iPad giveaway because it will get them a lot of attention over the net and also because the iPad is proving to be a really popular product. Tomorrow I will see what more news comes up on the iPad, stay tuned!