OCZ Technology is a company located in California. They are known for making flash based storage devices and is a worldwide company. As everyone can see SSD’s are making it’s way into the market and are a good way for keeping all your data securely store. Which means they will replace hard drives. Since hard drives store data but have moving parts inside them there is a good chance that those hard drives could at times fail and can cause to lose your data, especially if you have a notebook then you have to be careful because if your notebook experiences any sort of sudden movement it might affect the hard drive and cause it to lose data. Therefore the introduction of the SSD is very important because it keeps the data secure and has no moving parts therefore there is no way the SSD can be damaged and you have a very little chance of losing data. The problem though is SSD’s are quite expensive and a 128GB SSD can cost around $500 to $750 dollars. But the great people at OCZ introduced a low cost SSD which is a 32gb SSD for $99 and that is the first time an SSD has been made at such a low cost! OCZ has done a great job and wants to ensure the future will be that everyone will be using SSD’s. In my opinion in the next year or so SSD’s should be made standard in laptops but we will have to see how cheap they are by then. If I were to choose between a 100GB hard drive and a 32gb SSD I would easily choose the SSD because they also make the performance of your machine much faster and are secure. The great part about this SSD is the fact it can be installed into any desktop, laptop and netbooks! SSD's are said to improve boot speed's by half at times! So a PC which boots at around 1 minute with a hard drive will take around 30 seconds on a SSD but that also depends on the amount of data one has on their computer.

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