If you hadn't seen the Oscars yesterday, then you didn't see the surprise commercial Apple had presented with their iPad. No really special news but finally a commercial on the iPad is here and on the commercial it claims the iPad will be released on April 3rd. Exciting stuff for everyone as Apple is getting lots of pre-orders for the iPad and it's a sign showing that people and consumers are indeed interested in the new iPad. We will take a closer look at the iPad once it's released.

For now here is the commercial and a special thanks to people at Engadget!

The iPad shown in the commercial, still disappoints people because of the fact that multitasking is not available yet and is just like the iPod Touch, this is where we believe the netbooks, out run the iPad in price and the ability to do some sort of multitasking. Still it hasn't been released in the market yet so we really can't see how it will perform in terms of sales.