Hello again everyone! It's usually not normal for me to write two posts a day but as you had read in my post before I had purchased a Mac mini and so far this little machine is a rocket! It is fast at multitasking and gets the job done better than my laptop PC. Setting up took nearly 10- 15 min and it was really simple! After firing up Snow Leopard you may notice slow downs in internet and programs opening up but that is just the system initializing and doing updates when you first buy it. 5 min later you boot the Mini again and it's extremely fast. A little comparison I did was the timing it took to boot up compared to my PC. So here is the comparison. First the specs:

My PC- Toshiba Satellite X200- 3GB ram and 250gb Hard drive and with a Nvidia Geforce 8800GT with 512MB as well as an Intel Centrino Processor running at 1.66ghz.

My Mac mini: 4GB ram, 320gb Hard drive with an Nvidia Geforce 9400m Graphics with 256mb. Also with an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor running at 2.53ghz.

Start up comparison speed
Mac mini: 0:33 seconds
PC: 1:18 minutes

Shut down comparison speed
Mac mini: 0:12 seconds
PC: 1:22 minutes

You could definitely see the difference in speed with the Mac mini and that is because of the Mac OSX and the less amount of hard drive space it uses.

Speakers: The speakers on the Mac mini are probably not the best I have heard but they are good for it's size. They do get loud but start to sound bad. On my PC the speakers were by harmon/kardon so between the PC and the Mini there is no comparison, the harmon/kardon is definitely way better.

Operating System /Software: Now this in my opinion wasn't hard to choose. My laptop PC had Windows Vista running and that was extremely slow in terms of boot timing and also opening normal applications. The Mac OSX is not only fast but also comes with some pretty nice software. The iLife suite. When comparing iMovie to Windows Movie Maker, iMovie hands down is a much better, easier piece of software to use and also comes with built in sound options and nice features. Quicktime X is also a nice add on to the OSX and Windows doesn't even come with a screen recording software. iPhoto on the other hand didn't impress me much, since it is good for storing photos and doing basic sharing but doesn't come near to the capabilities of Photoshop. Garageband is a software also on the Mac to make your own tunes and it is very fun to use in my opinion and you could end up making some professional songs on there and the capability of plugging in an instrument is also possible. iChat is also a nice chatting software on the Mac but I didn't use it much because, since I was using Windows for a while now I was used to Windows Messenger but that can be downloaded very easily on the Mac.

With this bit of a review, I can tell you one thing for sure and that is I would highly recommend any Mac product because of it's nifty OS and the iLife suite it comes with. For starters a Mini is perfect to get used to the Mac world and I am enjoying it a lot!
Keep in mind my laptop PC came with a sticker price of around $1499 CAN and the Mini is around $899 CAN so I would recommend the Mini even though you don't get a keyboard or mouse, the OS pretty much evens it out.
I've just scratched the surface with this review in the future I will review even more things that I happen to find on the Mini. I hope you enjoyed this review!

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