As you can see the standard, most used port in computers is usually the USB port. Whether it be printers, fax machines, scanners, digital cameras, iPods etc. You name it! The world of USB devices is constantly growing and it is the most well known amongst others. The standard USB port used in computers these days is USB 2.0 and Apple if you didn’t know have their own port known as the FireWire port, it is to compete with USB device ports and is said to be much faster. First there was the release of FireWire 400 and now standard in all Mac devices is FireWire 800. Well users of the USB port have another surprise their way and that is with the release of USB 3.0 It is said to be much faster than USB 2.0 and even faster than the predecessor USB 1.1 – USB 3.0 is not standard yet but we believe Apple will also jump into the USB 3.0 generation with new release of Mac’s in the future. There are few offered USB 3.0 devices out there, but this is a heads up to everyone as to show where technology is headed!