Well, the excitement of Apple’s tablet is gone with the release of the iPad quite a while ago but you can remember me telling you that the tablet was going to be available in sometime March, and as it was said in the keynote. But today Apple changed that story and said there is a delay and the iPad could be released early April for people in the U.S. and late April for people living outside of the U.S. Not a huge difference in time but it is still marginal. Pre-orders for people living in the U.S. will be around March 12th. The delay could be due to the problem between Apple and Adobe, as we talked about before and how there was going to be no flash. But the choice of having no flash on the iPad hasn't really changed which is a disappointment, but anything can happen. The new iPad is set to be off in the market soon and we will look to see how it will perform at first we thought the iPad will be a decent performer, with a bit of drawbacks but then the crowd also were disappointed at how you can get more for the price. The price of $499 to most will sound great since it’s an Apple product but it has drawbacks, also after the iPad comes out we will also wonder how the iPod Touch will do in sales because the price range between the two isn’t much? This and more updates will come soon to 1-Mac. Stay Tuned.