Well before remember how I had talked about how I was going to get a Mac mini or iMac soon. Well it just so happened yesterday, I was shopping at Best Buy and mind you sometimes they aren't so good at tech stuff when compared to the people at Apple but I talked them into a Mac mini with a 2.53ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4gb RAM and 320gb Hard drive. The original price being $899 CAN but eventually after a lot of talking about how it's a bit expensive, the nice store worker decided to sell me it for $739 and obviously I was up for it and got my Mac mini! I have to say I am really impressed with the speed on this thing and how silent the computer is! I saved a whopping $160 and I have to say sometimes buying at Best Buy can be a good thing. Snow Leopard takes quite a less amount of space on the overall hard drive and the computer is twice as fast as my PC! The Mac mini doesn't include an SSD but imagine how much faster it would be more than my PC! I have only been using it for 8 hours now and honestly never want to go back to PC again! They are really right when they mention that "once you go Mac you never go back" All in all I am really happy with this tiny Mac mini which is a beast on the inside! I will let you know more about this and all the applications very soon! The iMac was going to be my second choice but I held off since there were issues going around with the screen and graphics problem and also I had another monitor at home but overall I am very happy with the Mac mini and I think I will keep it! Stay tuned for more news only on 1-Mac! 

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