Yes it's time, the pre-orders for the iPad is here! And sources say that Apple is doing very well in terms of pre-orders and expect to sell 25,000 iPad's a day! This is huge and if that is what the outcome happens to be then Apple would have hit the tablet market hard and they would continue on with their domination over the computer industry! Since people haven't really tried out the iPad, they don't have a real great idea as to what they might expect, but I believe the ad's and commercials by Apple clearly show the iPad's true face and really post no gimmick, so people should know what they will be expecting when they purchase one. But the question comes to mind when the HP slate or the Courier come will people still keep their iPad's? When all tablets are released that's when the actual battle between industries will start and that will determine the outcome for iPad sales. Since the iPad was released earlier than the HP Slate it might hold the upper hand, but still anything could happen. In my opinion the iPad will be more reliable than an HP since it's an Apple built product but it all depends on the consumers opinion. The iPad is set to hit stores on April 3rd for all people living in the U.S. and will be released at the end of April for all international countries, which is a bummer. I hope Apple Store's have one on display for everyone worldwide, because we all would want to get our hands on it, just like the people living in the U.S.

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