As you all know Quicktime X is a screen recording software preinstalled in every Mac product. In this video below you could see that I did a test to see how the program performs. In my opinion being a free program I thought it was very good but when comparing to Camtasia Studio it lacks some features such as the automatic smart zoom capability, but then again Camtasia Studio comes with a $299 sticker price and Quicktime X is free on Mac. Keep in mind Camtasia also can record audio coming from the computer and Quicktime X can't, though it is possible to install a little software which allows audio! Using Quicktime X is very easy and user friendly and there isn't any lag when recording the screen. I am impressed overall with this software. The audio used in the video is thanks to the iLife suite and that was added later on using iMovie which is also very easy to use.

Here is a quick look:


*Note az100x is my YouTube username!