Well, in yesterdays post I had talked about how sources were giving an estimate that Apple will be selling a total of 25,000 iPad’s on the first day, well that has changed today estimates show that Apple sold nearly 120,000 iPad’s on the first day of pre-orders! This is huge and Apple is nearing yet another success in the market of tablet computing. The response is coming along very well, I have to admit the people at Apple have great marketing schemes to collect so many consumers! Just like how I had told you about my experience at the Apple Store, if Apple continues their successful customer service record then Apple will be nearing even more success in the future. It’s funny to see how many people were thinking negatively about the iPad yet the outcome is outrageous! and another thing which I discovered and this was some hell of a news. The people at Business Insider, claim that if your iPad battery dies, rather than replacing the battery, Apple will take a service charge and replace your iPad with another one! The cost is said to be $99 which is by far a new way of marketing and sure to shock many people! Well this has definitely caught my eye and is bound to catch many others. News for the iPad is just getting better and better. Stay tuned for more information only on 1-Mac.

Apple Announces Launch Of New Tablet Computer