Many consumers are concerned because of the fact there is no flash on the iPad and Steve Jobs as well as the whole company is well aware of this fact. The main reason as to why flash is not on the iPad is because it affects the performance of the iPad in a negative way. It slows down the processor and according to many flash is built only for the bigger systems like laptops and desktops. Not to mention many of the games on the internet and videos use HTML as well as the new HTML 5 which can play video and is set to take over flash. Adobe are in a tight situation with many problems at the moment but if HTML 5 can outrun Adobe and be a faster performer we may just be seeing video in the iPad through future software and firmware updates! So valuable people who are thinking of purchasing of the iPad shouldn’t lose hope as their internet experience will change throughout the future and that Apple also knows that as well. iPod owners don’t really have to worry and iPad owners shouldn’t either because there is also built in YouTube which allows to display video, and YouTube generally has most videos offered over the net.