The iPad is yet again causing a huge hype in the market because everyone wants to get hands on with it! The bulk of consumers though say they won't purchase one till later models. But what we may find is that the iPad is not only a full functional computing, and gaming device it might also change the business world as well! Most business companies are thinking of investing in the iPad because it will be a great new tool for communication all around. The iPad does come in many uses after all and it's form factor is what helps it most. Though most of us wished it came with OSX but adding that would boost the price. Don't forget the jailbreaking community! Many hackers might look into unlocking many features of the iPad and possible interface changes to make it look like OSX like the iPod Touch. If a jail break does appear then we could be expecting more sales which will make Apple a happy company. But for most people the iPad won't remain as an MP3 player largely because of how big it is which is also no surprise why it doesn't ship with any headphones. Maybe more of an MP4 player and this will make it better in terms where the iPod Touch couldn't succeed. Maybe people will keep the iPod Touch as an MP3 player device and the iPad as an MP4. Though with all the apps on the store. The iPad is capable of providing service to many businesses and students. Only 10 days remain till it is released in the U.S. and about a month till it is released worldwide! The news just keeps getting more exciting! Stay tuned for more only on 1-Mac.