Apple's app store is growing and there are many different variety of apps all over the store. Now think of it like this, you have someone who needs a gift whether it be for a birthday, holiday or anything in general. The app store now has the feature of sending an app to a friend who is the owner of an iPod or an iPhone. Basically you have to purchase an app and before you do so it gives you the option whether you would like to send it as a gift to someone. This feature is also available on the iPad, considering it uses the same app store the iPhone and iPod Touch uses. Not incredible news but a nice feature to have when late for a birthday present or if a person prefers software considering there are some nice office software on the app store. Keep in mind this app is also on the iTunes store, (and was released on the iTunes store in late October of 2009) in the iTunes store it is known as "Gift this song."

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