The boom of the iPad sales was going on for a while now, but most sources cited that many of the numbers told to people on the iPad sales were either wrong or Apple has lot a huge amount of consumers and sales. Quite the news because I had talked about how Apple had sold nearly 120,000 iPad’s on the first day of pre-orders but then everything happened to “die'” and Apple lost a huge amount of consumers and slumped to around 150,000 iPad sales at the end of the week and is a sign showing that the iPad could be a flop and is what many people were speculating about. Funny to see how news can change so quickly from a very positive perspective, now down to a negative one. Business is always full of surprises. Well if this continues Apple could be in for a tough period in their market, and not to mention the HP slate has caught many people’s eyes and the PC side of the rivalry are introducing unique tablet computers, whereas Apple has just stepped in the tablet computing industry. Where one point Apple was ahead in technology, now is very behind and it could prove costly in the future. More updates to come soon on 1-Mac.