The iPad is set to be released on April 3rd but Microsoft and HP are looking to spoil all the fun with HP releasing their slate soon and the concept of the Microsoft Courier could take away some of Apple’s iPad fans. What makes these two devices an iPad killer is that the HP slate is said to feature flash and that for one thing is excellent! That means a fully functional internet experience on the HP Slate is available!  Also to keep note that more than 70% of the internet uses flash to show videos and etc. and as a consumer, everyone would be really happy with such a feature. Another thing is that the HP slate comes with connectivity ports unlike the iPad. The concept of the Microsoft Courier on the other hand will surely look to appeal to many with a revolutionary new design and a whole new way of using a tablet. Not much information is released on the Courier but to me it looks better than an iPad any day. Tell us what you think as well, feel free to leave a comment. More news to come on 1-Mac.