Exporting Audio in iMovie - Mono Format

Another video tutorial, I made for those people that use mono microphones or need to get sound to reach out from both channels. iMovie has a great built in Voiceover feature and it only records in stereo, but it's possible to export the audio in mono, that way you can hear from both channels, so the voiceover feature still comes in handy.

Here is a video showing how to perform this task:

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What is the Thunderbolt I/O Port?

I made a video outlining the new port and for those of you who are new to this port, this video should help you understand that the Thunderbolt port, isn't called Thunderbolt for nothing. That's right it features blazing fast transfer speeds of upto 10gbps, and it can do even more!

Here is the video:

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New Macbook Pro's unleashed

That's right, even though some weren't expecting it to be this soon, Apple decided it was time to update the Macbook Pro line up. The good thing is the processors now all contain Core i5's and Core i7's. Apple have managed to do away with the aging Core 2 Duo's. What really surprised me is that the baseline Macbook Pro 13" features a Core i5 dual-core processor, I was expecting Apple to get a Core i3 on those, but this is a nice bonus! They have also managed to keep the price same, at $1199. The base line MBP features a 2.3ghz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB Ram DDR3 1333mhz, 320gb Hard Drive at 5400rpm, and the new Thunderbolt port, for connecting peripherals and sending data at 10gpbs. There is also a second model with a bigger hard drive at 500gb and 2.7ghz Intel Core i7 processor, again a dual core for $1499. The 13" models now feature an Intel HD 3000 graphics card, as it seems Nvidia could not solve the lawsuit against Intel.

Looking at the 15.4" MBP's. They start at $1799 with a 2.0ghz Quad Core i7 processor! With 4GB Ram and 500gb Hard Drive. It also features AMD Radeon HD6490m discrete graphics chip with 256mb memory, but you can also switch between the Intel integrated graphics to save power. There is also another option at $2199 and it has a 2.2ghz Intel Core i7, quad core processor, with a whopping 750gb Hard drive, and an amazing AMD Radeon HD6750m with 1GB GDDR5 memory.

Apple also provided a 17" Macbook Pro, which features a 2.2ghz Intel Core i7 processor also a Quad core and features the same specs as the $2199 15" Macbook Pro, the 17" Macbook Pro is at $2499.

Overall the update was more spec wise as opposed to design, so maybe thats why there was no real keynote. The design remains the same but the new specs make them more tempting to buy! Leave your comments stating whether you will be buying the new MBP's and for those who bought the old model recently, well tough luck.

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Leaked 13" Macbook Pro Specs

This is probably incredible news for most people! The first thing I want to say is if anyone is planning to buy a Macbook Pro, I suggest you hold up!! That being said, Macrumors recently published a photo which included the leaked specs of the upcoming Macbook Pro that is most likely going to come out tomorrow! The specs read: 4GB DDR3 Ram, 320gb Hard Drive, New Thunderbolt I/O port, for faster speeds and supports mini display devices, it also now features Intel's HD3000 graphics, which is supposodely said to be comparable to the Nvidia 320m, and here's the big part! A Core i5 processor running at 2.3 ghz! That's right folks if this does turn out to be the base line Macbook Pro, then we could be in for a treat!

This is already exciting me too much, as it must be for you too. Going along with the specs there was no images shown and nothing about the exterior was mentioned, so we still aren't sure what this device will look like, it also features Firewire 800 port, and two USB ports.

I can tell one thing for sure these specs are indeed tempting! I just wonder what the price might be. Also the rumor about the Light Peak technology looks like it wasn't meant to be, although I am curious to find out what the "Thunderbolt I/O" port will be like.

Here was a picture courtesy of Macrumors: 13" MacBook Pro specs leaked, reveal "Thunderbolt" I/O port

Sources: Macrumors

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Exporting Audio in Mono using Screenflow

This video was asked to be made by users, and we all know the fact all microphone's don't have the capability to record audio in stereo, this video will coordinate how to export audio in mono, that way audio doesn't come through only one channel.

iPad 2 to be announced March 2nd?

This was leaked from "All Things Digital" and it presumably says that Apple might be holding an event on March 2, 2011, to address what might be the next iPad. Firstly it was about time Apple made an announcement since it's been over a year since the last one has been out, now below the competition. I wonder what this new one will have in stock for us.

Some rumors indicate, a new thinner design, camera, retina display and maybe even bringing a possible new port (also known as Light Peak). No invitations were given out right now, so this still remains a rumor, but possibly a strong one that will most likely be true.

If a keynote does take place March 2, I also wonder who might be the one to hit the podium? Will it be Steve Jobs or someone else? National Enquirer just the other week cited out shocking news that Jobs could be nearing his end, but it was just recently that he had an interview with Obama and Zuckerburg. So that statement feels false, it still does contribute to the fact that he has not been with Apple for a while, though he had been seen across campus.

Not sure a keynote will be the same without Jobs, so we hope for the best. On the other hand the Light Peak technology rumor seems highly unlikely as that was leaked a couple of days ago, also some say we might be seeing a dual core processor built in, for faster multitasking.

Everyone is pretty much hooked to the technology news now, not only because of the upcoming iPad, but also because of supposedly new Macbook Pro's coming this Thursday!

All this and much more to come soon.

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New Macbook Pro's possibly releasing this Thursday?

This might sound really sudden for some of you, and it did for me as well. No real announcement, yet spectators and sites believe that we might be seeing a Macbook Pro releasing on February 24th 2011! That's this Thursday, and many people believe that the new Macbook Pro's will have a drastically new design perhaps also use a new type of material. It's been nearly 3 years since they have stuck with Aluminum, first being the Macbook in 2008.

This new Macbook Pro maybe made out of a newer type of material, otherwise known as Liquid Metal. This type of material is much sturdier than aluminum and actually looks a bit more darker too, sort of looks like a black Macbook in some way. The newer material is said to cost a bit more when making the new Macbook Pro's. So something tells me a price hike of possible $100 is on the way.

I made a video looking at all the mockups people made regarding the Macbook Pro and I had one word to say: "Gorgeous" they look infact very stunning and the new model might even be thinner! That said if you don't mind the price going up, this will surely be a great seller for Apple, if rumors turn out to be true.

I personally wouldn't mind dishing out a little more cash for that look, which is stunning. Here is the video I made looking at the possible Macbook Pro.

Leave any of your comments either on my channel or on the site!

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The end of Steve Jobs?

During the month of January, Steve Jobs had taken a leave from Apple due to illness. But some news coming in recently shocked me. It was said Jobs was actually doing well health wise and that he was seen frequently across the Apple campus. But "The Inquirer" a newspaper company cited out on the front page that Steve Jobs will only live for another six weeks!

According to the article it shows that Steve Jobs has indeed suffered from various cancer effects in the past but this time the pancreatic cancer looks serious, though many people believe this news is a myth, I will be one to say that this doesn't sound right either.

According to other sources, Steve Jobs still has meetings with Google CEO and various other people coming up, and if he was in such a state then there would be no meeting in the first place. This is proving to be false at the moment, at least that's what many people believe and hope.

Looking back at Steve Jobs, he was one of the key founders of Apple, even though he left Apple for a period of time he came back bringing the whole business to a new level, and to be honest Apple wouldn't have been where it's at today, if it wasn't for Steve Jobs. The day he even left the office, Apple stocks had fallen and it just shows, that his presence really affects Apple as a whole.

We hope that this news is indeed false, and hopefully he will have a speedy recovery.

For more information: Steve Jobs Illness

iPhone Nano to appear?

We have seen and heard of many rumors throughout the start of this year. But remember when you always wanted an iPhone but it just happened to be a bit too expensive? For example it's around $199 on a contract. But what if we happened to see an iPhone that was $200 without a contract?!

If your really excited right now, I don't blame you, because rumors are now starting to appear according to Macrumors and Mashable, that we have a good chance of seeing a smaller, more affordable iPhone. There weren't any mentions as to what the size of it will be or what specs. But the price is sure appealing.

This should be Apple's entry into the lower end phone market, so they can target Android phone sales. The number of Android phones on the market is huge, and also since it's the #1 mobile operating system, there's no doubt Apple would want to challenge them.

Verizon iPhone 4 now in stores

That's right folks, after all the pre-orders were gone, Verizon managed to get the iPhone to hit store shelves. The price of the Verizon iPhone is in fact $5 cheaper as opposed to the AT&T version. This is because Apple claims it cost them 9% less to make this newer model. And this also boils down the cost of CDMA chips and that came out at $171 as opposed to $187 for AT&T GSM chips. The CDMA technology in fact is much cheaper to produce and is good for iPhone users, that are planning to order one today. You know what they say "Every penny counts." Today might be a somewhat of a different day for Verizon as millions of new people might switch to their network, since the iPhone is now part of their carrier, but could it also put a strain on their network? Many Blackberry users on the Verizon carrier, are planning to switch towards the iPhone 4, some say around 60% of all Blackberry users. So in fact now Apple is getting even more sales, one of the main reasons the Blackberry was selling so well, was because of the fact it was on a great network from the start, and now that Apple has made a move it can affect other companies.

Stay tuned as I will try to cover any more news that comes up regarding the Verizon iPhone.

Apple iPad 2 Could Be In Production

This is not probably a rumor, and most likely 90% true, in fact the iPad was rumored to launch this month, but now, we might not be so sure, Apple is remaining very silent about this fact, and just like always, keep the suspense going. The iPad has made Apple millions of dollars, in all their quarters, and it remains that way, but now people are suggesting that the new iPad could be releasing the exact same day, the last iPad was launched for the public and that was April 3, 2010, which means the release could be on April 3, 2011. It sounds very likely, because I suspected the iPad to launch in January, but something tells me Apple wants to wait till the issue with Nvidia and the Macbook Pro line chips is out of the way before they release this iPad. I wouldn't be surprised if they happen to release all this in one keynote. Looks very likely at the moment, it seems to me Apple is taking their time in refreshing their products, in fact if you take a look at Macrumors buyer's guide, Macbook's and Macbook Pro's are well above their average refresh date, which could mean that this delay is caused by Intel and also the fact that Apple can continue to stick with the current design as long as possible, because it has been selling well for them.

In fact someone from the Reuters part of the group noticed an iPad 2 during the launch of "The Daily" a magazine specifically targeted for the iPad. Just another sign that it's coming very soon indeed!

But nonetheless a Macbook Pro and an iPad should be coming within April, if not before. Stay tuned for more updates.

AT&T and Verizon Ads for iPhone 4

Just before we saw a TV ad showing both iPhone 4's on two different networks, in one same ad. No one could believe, neither could I, but now each carrier has released their own iPhone 4 ad, to show how superior Verizon is over AT&T and vice versa.

AT&T's commercial:

Verizon's Commercial:

Verizon out of iPhone 4 Pre-Orders

No surprise here, especially since the iPhone 4 is on America's most reliable network, The amount of pre-orders was immense, and now Verizon simply wants others that haven't gotten one to experience it in stores, February 10th. The number of iPhone's on Verizon's network, could mean that a huge amount of new users could be moving in, and this might strain the network, which puts a question mark on people's faces... Could the fate of Verizon also turn out to be like AT&T's with the amount of iPhone users. Everyone most likely knew that the iPhone 4 would be sold out on Verizon's network, but there are also some drawbacks, such as no Sim card, you are only restricted to CDMA chips, which isn't compatible everywhere, and Verizon's network doesn't offer call and data at the same time, meaning you can't be in a call and surf the web or do other things on your iPhone, which might restrict them on the strain of their network, since AT&T offers some of these features.

For all you wanting to switch think about it before switching, and you might have to wait to see how Verizon progresses with the iPhone in their lineup.

New Macbook Pro's could be delayed

At some point I started to believe the refresh was coming closer, but recent news, cited that Intel made an error in the manufacturing of their soon to come next generation "Sandy Bridge" processor chips. At first I thought this mainly only affected PC desktops, that was until it was claimed that Mobile chips have also been affected in which case, the Macbook Pro's which were likely to be revealed sometime possibly in February might have to wait till about April. It does seem like quite a while from now, but now I think we have a pretty good date as to when we will see the next generation Macbook Pro's. I can already imagine some people might not be happy with this.

But the good part was they found out the issue before those chips were integrated into the Macbook Pro's or else that would have been an even bigger issue. The problem is said to be with the Serial ATA ports on the chips, in which some could lose quality over time. Intel at the moment holds key as to when we might be seeing a  Macbook Pro refresh, so everyone I suggest you hold off, and if possible till April. It will be hard, but in the end it should be worth it.

Apple takes down Sony's app from the app store

Apple seems to be getting even stricter nowadays when it comes to apps on their App Store. That being, recently it was said Apple had changed their rules on the App store, and an example being; that Apple had rejected the Sony E-Reader App. Apparently the reason was, that Sony had made this app so users can purchase e-books through Sony's site.

Apple however did not approve of this because they believe nothing should be sold outside the app store, and whatever people buy within an app should follow Apple's guidelines of purchase. Which means 70% of the profit goes to the developer and the other 30% goes to Apple. In this situation whenever someone downloaded a Sony E-Reader app, Apple received 30% of revenue, but all those e-books being sold within the app went towards Sony.

It just goes to show that this is another good money making scheme from Apple, but then we also know the fact Amazon, also has an app on the store, and from there you can purchase books through Amazon. That still remains on the App store, will it also be pulled down shortly?

Apple goes on it's merry way and now are in full control of the App store, no doubt Sony will be disappointed, but that's Apple for you.

This might also hurt Apple, because the Android Marketplace, doesn't have such strict guidelines, maybe Sony will move over to Android? Who knows.