During the month of January, Steve Jobs had taken a leave from Apple due to illness. But some news coming in recently shocked me. It was said Jobs was actually doing well health wise and that he was seen frequently across the Apple campus. But "The Inquirer" a newspaper company cited out on the front page that Steve Jobs will only live for another six weeks!

According to the article it shows that Steve Jobs has indeed suffered from various cancer effects in the past but this time the pancreatic cancer looks serious, though many people believe this news is a myth, I will be one to say that this doesn't sound right either.

According to other sources, Steve Jobs still has meetings with Google CEO and various other people coming up, and if he was in such a state then there would be no meeting in the first place. This is proving to be false at the moment, at least that's what many people believe and hope.

Looking back at Steve Jobs, he was one of the key founders of Apple, even though he left Apple for a period of time he came back bringing the whole business to a new level, and to be honest Apple wouldn't have been where it's at today, if it wasn't for Steve Jobs. The day he even left the office, Apple stocks had fallen and it just shows, that his presence really affects Apple as a whole.

We hope that this news is indeed false, and hopefully he will have a speedy recovery.

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