At some point I started to believe the refresh was coming closer, but recent news, cited that Intel made an error in the manufacturing of their soon to come next generation "Sandy Bridge" processor chips. At first I thought this mainly only affected PC desktops, that was until it was claimed that Mobile chips have also been affected in which case, the Macbook Pro's which were likely to be revealed sometime possibly in February might have to wait till about April. It does seem like quite a while from now, but now I think we have a pretty good date as to when we will see the next generation Macbook Pro's. I can already imagine some people might not be happy with this.

But the good part was they found out the issue before those chips were integrated into the Macbook Pro's or else that would have been an even bigger issue. The problem is said to be with the Serial ATA ports on the chips, in which some could lose quality over time. Intel at the moment holds key as to when we might be seeing a  Macbook Pro refresh, so everyone I suggest you hold off, and if possible till April. It will be hard, but in the end it should be worth it.