This is probably incredible news for most people! The first thing I want to say is if anyone is planning to buy a Macbook Pro, I suggest you hold up!! That being said, Macrumors recently published a photo which included the leaked specs of the upcoming Macbook Pro that is most likely going to come out tomorrow! The specs read: 4GB DDR3 Ram, 320gb Hard Drive, New Thunderbolt I/O port, for faster speeds and supports mini display devices, it also now features Intel's HD3000 graphics, which is supposodely said to be comparable to the Nvidia 320m, and here's the big part! A Core i5 processor running at 2.3 ghz! That's right folks if this does turn out to be the base line Macbook Pro, then we could be in for a treat!

This is already exciting me too much, as it must be for you too. Going along with the specs there was no images shown and nothing about the exterior was mentioned, so we still aren't sure what this device will look like, it also features Firewire 800 port, and two USB ports.

I can tell one thing for sure these specs are indeed tempting! I just wonder what the price might be. Also the rumor about the Light Peak technology looks like it wasn't meant to be, although I am curious to find out what the "Thunderbolt I/O" port will be like.

Here was a picture courtesy of Macrumors: 13" MacBook Pro specs leaked, reveal "Thunderbolt" I/O port

Sources: Macrumors

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