No surprise here, especially since the iPhone 4 is on America's most reliable network, The amount of pre-orders was immense, and now Verizon simply wants others that haven't gotten one to experience it in stores, February 10th. The number of iPhone's on Verizon's network, could mean that a huge amount of new users could be moving in, and this might strain the network, which puts a question mark on people's faces... Could the fate of Verizon also turn out to be like AT&T's with the amount of iPhone users. Everyone most likely knew that the iPhone 4 would be sold out on Verizon's network, but there are also some drawbacks, such as no Sim card, you are only restricted to CDMA chips, which isn't compatible everywhere, and Verizon's network doesn't offer call and data at the same time, meaning you can't be in a call and surf the web or do other things on your iPhone, which might restrict them on the strain of their network, since AT&T offers some of these features.

For all you wanting to switch think about it before switching, and you might have to wait to see how Verizon progresses with the iPhone in their lineup.