This is not probably a rumor, and most likely 90% true, in fact the iPad was rumored to launch this month, but now, we might not be so sure, Apple is remaining very silent about this fact, and just like always, keep the suspense going. The iPad has made Apple millions of dollars, in all their quarters, and it remains that way, but now people are suggesting that the new iPad could be releasing the exact same day, the last iPad was launched for the public and that was April 3, 2010, which means the release could be on April 3, 2011. It sounds very likely, because I suspected the iPad to launch in January, but something tells me Apple wants to wait till the issue with Nvidia and the Macbook Pro line chips is out of the way before they release this iPad. I wouldn't be surprised if they happen to release all this in one keynote. Looks very likely at the moment, it seems to me Apple is taking their time in refreshing their products, in fact if you take a look at Macrumors buyer's guide, Macbook's and Macbook Pro's are well above their average refresh date, which could mean that this delay is caused by Intel and also the fact that Apple can continue to stick with the current design as long as possible, because it has been selling well for them.

In fact someone from the Reuters part of the group noticed an iPad 2 during the launch of "The Daily" a magazine specifically targeted for the iPad. Just another sign that it's coming very soon indeed!

But nonetheless a Macbook Pro and an iPad should be coming within April, if not before. Stay tuned for more updates.