This was leaked from "All Things Digital" and it presumably says that Apple might be holding an event on March 2, 2011, to address what might be the next iPad. Firstly it was about time Apple made an announcement since it's been over a year since the last one has been out, now below the competition. I wonder what this new one will have in stock for us.

Some rumors indicate, a new thinner design, camera, retina display and maybe even bringing a possible new port (also known as Light Peak). No invitations were given out right now, so this still remains a rumor, but possibly a strong one that will most likely be true.

If a keynote does take place March 2, I also wonder who might be the one to hit the podium? Will it be Steve Jobs or someone else? National Enquirer just the other week cited out shocking news that Jobs could be nearing his end, but it was just recently that he had an interview with Obama and Zuckerburg. So that statement feels false, it still does contribute to the fact that he has not been with Apple for a while, though he had been seen across campus.

Not sure a keynote will be the same without Jobs, so we hope for the best. On the other hand the Light Peak technology rumor seems highly unlikely as that was leaked a couple of days ago, also some say we might be seeing a dual core processor built in, for faster multitasking.

Everyone is pretty much hooked to the technology news now, not only because of the upcoming iPad, but also because of supposedly new Macbook Pro's coming this Thursday!

All this and much more to come soon.

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