That's right, even though some weren't expecting it to be this soon, Apple decided it was time to update the Macbook Pro line up. The good thing is the processors now all contain Core i5's and Core i7's. Apple have managed to do away with the aging Core 2 Duo's. What really surprised me is that the baseline Macbook Pro 13" features a Core i5 dual-core processor, I was expecting Apple to get a Core i3 on those, but this is a nice bonus! They have also managed to keep the price same, at $1199. The base line MBP features a 2.3ghz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB Ram DDR3 1333mhz, 320gb Hard Drive at 5400rpm, and the new Thunderbolt port, for connecting peripherals and sending data at 10gpbs. There is also a second model with a bigger hard drive at 500gb and 2.7ghz Intel Core i7 processor, again a dual core for $1499. The 13" models now feature an Intel HD 3000 graphics card, as it seems Nvidia could not solve the lawsuit against Intel.

Looking at the 15.4" MBP's. They start at $1799 with a 2.0ghz Quad Core i7 processor! With 4GB Ram and 500gb Hard Drive. It also features AMD Radeon HD6490m discrete graphics chip with 256mb memory, but you can also switch between the Intel integrated graphics to save power. There is also another option at $2199 and it has a 2.2ghz Intel Core i7, quad core processor, with a whopping 750gb Hard drive, and an amazing AMD Radeon HD6750m with 1GB GDDR5 memory.

Apple also provided a 17" Macbook Pro, which features a 2.2ghz Intel Core i7 processor also a Quad core and features the same specs as the $2199 15" Macbook Pro, the 17" Macbook Pro is at $2499.

Overall the update was more spec wise as opposed to design, so maybe thats why there was no real keynote. The design remains the same but the new specs make them more tempting to buy! Leave your comments stating whether you will be buying the new MBP's and for those who bought the old model recently, well tough luck.

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