That's right folks, after all the pre-orders were gone, Verizon managed to get the iPhone to hit store shelves. The price of the Verizon iPhone is in fact $5 cheaper as opposed to the AT&T version. This is because Apple claims it cost them 9% less to make this newer model. And this also boils down the cost of CDMA chips and that came out at $171 as opposed to $187 for AT&T GSM chips. The CDMA technology in fact is much cheaper to produce and is good for iPhone users, that are planning to order one today. You know what they say "Every penny counts." Today might be a somewhat of a different day for Verizon as millions of new people might switch to their network, since the iPhone is now part of their carrier, but could it also put a strain on their network? Many Blackberry users on the Verizon carrier, are planning to switch towards the iPhone 4, some say around 60% of all Blackberry users. So in fact now Apple is getting even more sales, one of the main reasons the Blackberry was selling so well, was because of the fact it was on a great network from the start, and now that Apple has made a move it can affect other companies.

Stay tuned as I will try to cover any more news that comes up regarding the Verizon iPhone.