This might sound really sudden for some of you, and it did for me as well. No real announcement, yet spectators and sites believe that we might be seeing a Macbook Pro releasing on February 24th 2011! That's this Thursday, and many people believe that the new Macbook Pro's will have a drastically new design perhaps also use a new type of material. It's been nearly 3 years since they have stuck with Aluminum, first being the Macbook in 2008.

This new Macbook Pro maybe made out of a newer type of material, otherwise known as Liquid Metal. This type of material is much sturdier than aluminum and actually looks a bit more darker too, sort of looks like a black Macbook in some way. The newer material is said to cost a bit more when making the new Macbook Pro's. So something tells me a price hike of possible $100 is on the way.

I made a video looking at all the mockups people made regarding the Macbook Pro and I had one word to say: "Gorgeous" they look infact very stunning and the new model might even be thinner! That said if you don't mind the price going up, this will surely be a great seller for Apple, if rumors turn out to be true.

I personally wouldn't mind dishing out a little more cash for that look, which is stunning. Here is the video I made looking at the possible Macbook Pro.

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